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  1. soulsailor

    Asus motherboard issue i think

    So reseated everything except the cpu last night, also notice a new bios update for the motherboard and flashed that as well. After the first boot the Gblan went mad =/ had a download speed of maybe 100kb/sec, i have 100/100mbit connection where i live and it actullay brings that speed (i have good and reliable internet provider). after a restart the gblan seem to work. No crashes so far, gonna do some stress testing today and see what happens. First time i've had this much issue with and Asus board =/
  2. soulsailor

    Asus motherboard issue i think

    Gonna try that tomorrow after work, have had the motherboard sent in for warranty but they found nothing wrong so might be as you say. Will update tomorrow once i try it out a bit more.
  3. Hi guys! New to the forum but i'm an experienced pc builder though i run into issues with my latest build and i hope someone here can give me some ideas what might be wrong. First of all, my current setup. Motherboard: Asus B350 Prime Plus CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 (No overclocking) with noctuna air cooler RAM: 2x8gb Corsair Vengeance blue LED, 2666mhz GPU: Asus GTX 1060 6gb OC HDD: 1 samsung 860 evo 250gb and 1tb seagate and 3tb seagate Power supply: Gigabyte 750 watt, gold. So my issue are among other like this evening, playing games and the computer screen just goes black, try to reset nothing happens, try the power button and nothing happens, used the power supply power button to turn of the computer and turn it on again an it seems to be working. Second issue, something seems weird or unstable in the PCI-e slot for the gpu, gfx drivers tends to crash even while just surfing the web and playing games. Tried the GPU i another computer with no issue at all. As stated above nothing is overclocked, i'm just not into overclocking anymore hence why i didnt buy an Ryzen x cpu. The computer feels instable but i checked the temps and its running good there, around 25-30 on idle cpu, up to 50c when hard pressed. GPU is idle around 40c and goes upp to around 60-70c ish when i i pressure the card in different games. Any good ideas? Sorry if the language isnt up to par, english is my second language.