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  1. So I was doing a bit of investigating and it looks like the wire goes into the dvd/cd drive in the front of the case. Is that still the same sort of wire or would it like, blow up my computer if I pulled it out?
  2. Thank you!! I'll give it a try
  3. I think it's connected to the power supply but it could also be the motherboard. I'm not quite sure. And yes it does have a HDMI output. HMDI and DVI.
  4. Hi, I have this old PC that I’m working on and it has a GTX 745 OEM Model graphics card in it. Now I was going to swap it out for a GTX 1050ti because I know that graphics card is compatible with this motherboard, power supply, and case size. The thing that’s throwing me off is that there’s a wire coming from the 745 and as far as I am aware of that graphics card didn’t need to be connected directly to the power supply. i was hoping if someone could help me identify what it is and if it is a power cable, how would I go about putting the 1050ti in this case. I’ve attached a few photos for reference. Thank you!
  5. Hiya, So I’m kind of new to the whole building and customising pc thing and I have a weird question. i have a semi-old desktop that I bought in 2016 (specs include 16gb ddr3 ram, i7 67something and a gtx 745). Now I’m going to be buying a laptop (16gb ddr4 ram, i7 9750 and a rtx 2060) because I’m moving country for five months and can’t bring my pc. My question is, since the laptop specs are better, if there was anyway I could somehow combine these two products to get a much more powerful overall system and if there is a way of doing it, how would I go about it? Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. ismail