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    chawbaka reacted to LogicWeasel in My first "BigRig" with I9-9900K and a 2080ti.   
    Kinda painting the rest of the thread with a broad brush there.  People also mentioned the 3700x since it's IPC is near on-par with the 9700k and if it weren't for the wonky price difference due to this specific country, there's a lot of valid comparison now thanks to the gaming improvements seen in the properly-conducted (non-crap bios) Ryzen 3rd gen reviews.  To try to proclaim that the 9900k never loses in any game to Ryzen 3rd gen is simply ignoring the real facts.  Are there times where the 9900k is 5% better at gaming than similar-tier AMD CPUs , yes of course, but sometimes they simply trade blows on the margin like two evenly-matched graphics cards that all just depend on things like the game engine or SW.
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    chawbaka reacted to Fr4nt1s3k in My first "BigRig" with I9-9900K and a 2080ti.   
    A random guy on forum scared me and made me buy more expensive motherboard too  
    I bought MSI MPG 390 Gaming Pro Carbon Z390. It has 2 power connectors for the CPU and works just fine with my i7-9700K.
    AMD's new CPUs are great, but for gaming, Intel is still better  ... but anyway, who needs such powerful chips?
    Both AMD and Intels top tier chips can do 240 fps+, it's the GPUs which bottleneck now.