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  1. It will better do to check your hardware first part by part if you are sure that you have no viruses on your pc.
  2. I think they will price 4900x the same as 3900x was before this price cut. Also, hope they will do the same for their other 3k ryzen cpus.
  3. I really had to use LibreOffice, that was in school because professor also used it and make us use it
  4. I found it so buggy, gotta use linux to have it work properly
  5. So, its looking like AMD had enough of our shit on them because of lack of compatibility for their future AM4 cpus on existing motherboards. They will allow 1 way bios flash for future chips. Once done, it can't be undone, and will erase a lot of earlier gens of cpus from support. AMD will made a special security steps, to make sure people with 3k ryzen or earlier won't update their bios without cpu upgrade in mind and brick their motherboards. This might be mess, but they at least gave us a chance to get zen 3 on b450 and x470 motherboards which is great. I hope it will work at least decent, to have more succesful than failed transitions from zen 2 to zen 3 on these 2 motherboards
  6. Who is that? The guy who copy right striked channel?
  7. Depends of if and how much overclocked your 8700k is. If it is you won't gain any fps from 3900x. Also, there is really small difference between 9700 and 8700 and it's not worth buying. Simply ocing 8700 would be best for you
  8. Just get yourself x570 board and you will be fine. When Am5 comes up ryzen 3k and 4k won't became bad or something. With x570 you get 4k and 4k support
  9. We all know amd uses chiplets for their cpus and it's claimed that its cheaper to make and produce than 1 big chip. My question is why? Why is 1 chip divided to 4 small pieces cheaper than 1 big chip? Aren't they same? Just 1 is 1 whole while other is splitted into small pieces. There is also latency in communication between chiplets. While it's extremely low, it never can be 0, so it affects performance somewhat.
  10. Then better go with i5, but 10th gen ofc, because HT
  11. Give me Mortal Kombat with these graphics and in 10 years I will be able to finally enjoy it
  12. Balkanic peninsula - BiH I will tell him this and suggest him specs from that video you shared I know how to install Win Maybe 1 thing at the time will work, have to see with him. 1st to get prebuild and later to upgrade graphics as much as his psu allows. Dell have it's 2*4 pin for mobo instead of normal 24 pin, so I don't think he can upgrade that
  13. Friend of mine wants to get his pc. He said he wants to play new cod warzone on it. His budget is about 300$. From my experience 8gb of ram is not enough for it to play without stutter, and it eats a 8 thread cpu. Obviously it's possible to limit game to use 4 threads and so on, but you still need good gpu and bunch of ram. Best that I had in mind at that moment is ryzen 1600 and rx 570, but it's over his budget. Everything weaker is looking too weak to be able to play that game. Is it possible to play it without stutters and smooth for this kind of budget?
  14. Get the latest driver for titans, creative one if you prefer to use them for that. Check bios version for your mobo. Are you using NVlink or SLI?