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  1. Lakobrija

    GPU with or without bottleneck?

    Ok, thank you.I'm happy with that I need to buy rx 580 and nothing more expensive EDIT: what should I expect?
  2. Lakobrija

    GPU with or without bottleneck?

    * bump*
  3. Lakobrija

    GPU with or without bottleneck?

    Thank you all for the resposne Currently I have to play Shadow of the Tomb Raider on medium preset to have acceptable fps, with upgrade I expect around high or above high with 60+fps;World of Tanks running on 50-60fps on ultra now, would like 100+ with new GPU;To be able to play PUBG (even tho it's bad optimized) on high 60+ and modern CoDs on high preset without problems.Basically all games on higher graphics settings with smooth experience.I play on 1080p. So, did you say that I need nothing more than rx 580? gtx 1660 won't give me any better or significant improvement than 580?Will much stronger graphics card (let's say 2060S) give me much more fps, or it won't give nothing significantly better than rx 580 would give to me.1080p is my resolution.
  4. 1st of all I want to say Hi for everyone on this forum.I'm new here but following LMG for a while now. I have 4770 for a CPU and have plans to upgrade my 1050 GPU. Bottleneck calculator says that RX 580 will create 0.21% bottleneck, which can't be better.But now I'm not sure, if I get stronger GPU, like RX590 or some GTX model which will be more powerfull than CPU, will I get more FPS in games than RX 580? Or will be same performance because of CPU limitation