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  1. looking at around 18 tb of data currently (I have 2 10 tb external hdd almost full, along with numerous hdd basiacly lying around with terabytes of not so useful data that haven't been accessed) Additionally, between me and my brothers computers, we likely have around 2 tb of games downloaded so far, but i want to future proof this for games where loading times aren't important. I also plan to get into content creation soontm so i want a server to store my video content that isn't taking up valuable nvme sssd space, or requiring me to install multiple internal hdd's in my main machine. The router was sorta of a bonus as our current router is OLD, and if I could get this 6700k to handle the routing responsiblities with our current router just being a wireless ap, I would like to do so.
  2. Windows just because it's the only OS I actually know what i'm doing half the time, and licenses are easy to come by. I do NOT plan to use computer as a normal desktop. It will trickly be the home network hub and nas. So far I thinking of using a Z270 GAMING M6 AC with a 6700k, since i already have that mobo, cpu, and a compatible power supply/case. I only need ram, the ssd/hdd drives, and of course the lan switch card/s and possibly a WIFI solution. I was thinking a 120gb ssd for the OS in a m.2, with 3-5 hard drives, I haven't yet decided on the exact makeup of the raid, and this would be my first time building up a raid array as well. (but i'm thinkin raid 1, raid 10, or raid 5, as I am not to concerned with write performance, but more worried about read performance, as the nas portion of this build will be for storing a huge library of games, as well as movie and video files which will have multiple users reading the data at once, but NOT writing data.) I was also thinking between 32gb of ram, with 24gb for the NAS, and 8 for the router. Other than the hardware, i also need to learn how to setup and asign out the hardware for both mochines in VM.
  3. I don't know enough about linux to even try putting that on my plate, But it sounds like I should be able to handle this though hardware vitualisation. Anyone have any good links on how to setup both pfsense in one VM, while setting up freenas in another VM preferably using windows 10 as the primary OS? Any good tuttorials on how to setup VM and provision out the specific hardware to each VM?
  4. I know I can make a router from a older PC, I know I can make a NAS from one as well, is it possible to use middle tier componants (such as 4770k and lots more ram) to make a custom machine that pulls double duty? A mutl drive NAS AND LAN routing capabilities?