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  1. but this is i try to say,because i dont't know what to do,because i didn't had this issue before!?? for me is strange..i take out headphone jack,i hear on monitor's speaker all the sound..i put it back i hear in my headset!
  2. Hello...so today i bought a new monitor,an Asus V245he...very nice TN panel,but i played some PUBG and some Hunt Showdown and i hear my teammate on the monitor's speakers,not inside of my headphones! the rest is ok! i plug both,the audio and microphone jack in my pc,not in monitor,it doesn't have the same quality! so before i had the same...a gaming monitor that had speakers,but when i plug the headphones,everything was good,i hear the audio and my teammate through the headphones! so...how to fix this?? thank you!
  3. i will try this,but 1st i need to find those in a store!! i have a friend that knows this kind of things better then me,so..i ll ask him!! anyway at the store i will show them the picture of the adaptor! can you tell me more specific what adaptors i need with pictures,please! if it heps,i have an gigabyte z270p-d3 motherboard and an xilence psu with 730 watts!!!
  4. Thank you for your answer...so basically I have to put the molex in this adaptor then plugged in the motherboard..I understand right?
  5. Hello..this is my 1st threas on this forum..so please if anyone can help with some tips,please do it! So..I upgrade my PC..new gpu,it is an gtx 1070 ti,new case with 4 fans,new cooler for cpu, new power supply 730w it is an xilence,pay for it 60 bucks,new mobo,which is an gigabyte z270p-d3,with an i7 7700 that I have from my old PC,I said old,but is not that old,I have for 15 months,and 2x8 gb of ram at 2400 ghz! So far so good,I assemble the pc and everything runs ok,good temps,very nice,BUT it's issue is next: all the fans,which are 4 at number,I connected with molex and put it directly on power supply. So,when I turn off the pc and shutdown it,those 4 fans from the case is not turn off...remains on,but the cooler fan from cpu and the logo from the gpu are turning off...only the LED remain on,but I think that is ok! What should I do to make it runs properly,in order when I shutdown the PC to turn the fans off like it should? Thank u!