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  1. Yesterday, my sister took on a large math problem involving the LTT folding team stats. The attached graph is what was created to determine when our team, LinusTechTips_Team, will overtake the other folding teams above it. At this pace we will catch CureCoin on Nov 19th, 2020. All credit for the math work goes to my sister on this one! The colored graph below shows each time and the intersecting points mark the days until the team is passed. "The lines represent the total points each of the top four teams will have, as time passes, given their present rates of change." As of yesterday, "in 38 days, LTT will pass EVGA and in 88 days, pass Default. It will take until November for LTT to pass CureCoin and be first, so keep folding!" - Quotes from my sister. LinusTechTips_Team is going strong. I myself am folding for the team and donating my computer power when I am not editing video. Let's get LTT up the charts!
  2. I am working on a large project for an upcoming theatrical performance at a local school. I will be running projection mapping before and during the show. I'm very new to this but have been building skills quickly. We are performing "The Wizard of OZ". I would like to be able to run a live motion capture of an actor who plays the wizard and have that be the live input for some sort of 3D model of a wizard head. All of this will need to be able to run in real time and through projection mapping software. I'll be using MadMapper for this show. I had originally thought of just using a live camera to show the actor's face projected up on the stage. However, if it is possible to motion capture them to show a digital face, I think this would look much better. Does anyone know of software that can do this? I've found some motion capture software but most of it is not for real time or live applications. Others that have hinted at having live capabilities are expensive. Thanks for your help in advance. If anything above needs to be clarified, let me know. Thanks.
  3. This has been quite helpful so far. I appreciate everyone's input.
  4. 1.5TB is a little low. But I do have a 1TB HDD in an external enclosure that I am planning to move to the computer, or at least make accessible from there. That would make a total of 2.5TB. For the footage I'm working with right now, which is only 1080p, I think that is enough to keep me going for a while. At least until I can save up for either more storage, or I think a NAS. As for fans, that's good to know. I wasn't sure what is necessary for it. Given the state of my laptop, I knew I needed much better airflow than I currently have.
  5. I've been learning DaVinci Resolve to be able to use it. I have been using Resolve to work on some of my video projects on my laptop, but it can't run very well. It overheats. But I plan to keep using Resolve as I've found it has a lot of potential, if I can get the hardware to run it.
  6. I'm working towards building my own PC. I've never had a full tower before, I only have an ultrabook laptop, so a lot of this is new to me. Below, I copied and pasted the guide from the top of the forum for this. I also have a link to a PCPartPicker list here as well. PCPartPicker List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xhVhtp 1. Budget & Location I don't have a huge budget for this. I am hoping to stay under $1,600 USD for my build. I do have about $1,800 USD saved with the extra $200 for shipping, cables, software, Windows 10 License, etc. I assume the currency type is what's most helpful for this, USD. But I live in the Pacific NorthWest. 2. Aim I am working towards some sort of career in audio and video production. This system would be primarily used for video editing. I also would like the ability to add a capture card to it so I can run small scale live productions from it. Video editing will be the majority of what I do. I also will be experimenting with different set-ups for live production, different encoding software, different camera inputs, just trying to teach myself what I can and learn from it all. I do enjoy an occasional game in my free time. I'm not a big gamer though. I only have two games that I play, although not well on an ultrabook laptop. World of Warships and Team Fortress 2. As long as I can run them at medium or better settings and get 30fps, that will be enough for me. 3. Monitors I only have 1 monitor at the moment, hooked to my laptop as a second screen. I am hoping to be able to get a second monitor for this PC. With wanting to run small scale broadcasts, I would like the ability to run 2 screens for myself, as well as at least 1 extra output for the venue, if possible. 1080p is fine for now. I don't see a need to jump to a higher resolution or 4k. In the future, way down the road, I would like to be able to run at least 2 monitors on my desk and run a 3rd output to my projector for watching movies. 4. Peripherals I am fortunate enough to have been given some hand-me-down peripherals. I have a keyboard and mouse as well as a headset and speakers. I will be needing to purchase and OS for this build, Windows 10. 5. Why am I upgrading? I am upgrading because I currently am trying to run all this from an ultrabook laptop. While my laptop is great as a laptop, it lacks the cooling and I/O to do what I would like. I have been attempting to run small scale productions from it. (Here's a link in case it helps to see what I'm attempting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoa0okmdlYc&list=PLJW_CLU6laySqz1DRdnfoobG4ZFgsDQGp&index=3) I'd like to be able to run the small amount of gear I have properly and hopefully be able to get the proper gear in the future and be able to run it just as well. I'm working towards some sort of career in audio and video production. At this point, just into college, I'm not exactly sure what that will look like. I have spent a few months looking at parts and have come up with the build listed above at the PCPartPicker link. I'd appreciate any advice, recommendations, changes, that would be beneficial. Thank you for your help with this in advance. I really appreciate it. If there is anything I've forgotten to mention here, or if there is other information that would be helpful, let me know. I'll provide what I can. Thanks.
  7. This is my first post here on LTT forums. If this came up already, I didn't see it. My apologies. I've been looking up lots of information about building a computer in the hopes of building one some day. I've also been following the Ryzen launch with the x570 chipset (quite exciting for me). When looking at motherboards though, they all seem to only have either x16 or x1 PCIe slots. I have yet to see any with x8 or x4 size slots. They all show some configuration of x16 and x1 slots. Is there a reason for this? Or are there motherboards that include x8 and x4 slots that I haven't found yet? Or, are x8 and x4 not generally found on motherboards (not just the x570 but other chipsets as well) for consumer computers?