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  1. I have this weird issue with my new build, the CPU always shows 126 °C, and that's insane. Also the all of the fans including CPU fan, case fans (system fan header) rpm only shows 0 RPM, but it spins normally? The motherboard shows 0 °C temperature, that's impossible unless i have a snowstorm inside my pc case. The voltage is also dangerously high, 4v on DDR4? That's like 200% more than maximum safe ddr4 voltage! Already updated to lastest bios, but it doesn't fix the problem. The thing i've done to try to fix this problem Reapplying Thermal Paste Twice Reseating CPU and CPU cooler Resetting Bios Disassembled everything and build it again from scratch System Specs Intel I5 9400F (Stock Cooler) 16GB DDR4 from team Zotac RTX 2060 6GB Super Flower Bronze king 550W 80+ BIOS : Lastest Version (E782IMS.A60 / 7B24vA6) OS : No OS yet No overclocking, everything is stock.