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  1. They're not looking at the 2070. They're looking at the 2070 SUPER, a card that's priced at 500$ (stock), and is basically the rtx 2080 (depending on which card you get) I purchased the 2070 super, and I suggest doing the same... but later. Wait for the reviews to come out, for the prices to settle- I'll let you know if there's anything wrong with the GPU I got (Gigabyte Aurous 2070 Super Windforce Stack Halo, etc.,- Priced at 569.99USD) Some comments say that the 1080 TI is better, and it might be, but since you're looking for quality instead of frame rate, a turing card is the way to go. (In my opinion)
  2. Same! My parts are coming in tomorrow and my case comes friday. Good luck! BTW It's my first PC build, too
  3. Your manual should show a diagram of an exhaust. If you want intake, use this video.
  4. Thank you! I'll make sure I remember this.
  5. You should've placed the Water bracket on the motherboard before putting it in the case. For best performance with the H100i, You should definitely put it on the top, and I'm pretty sure it'll work with your case. After putting the motherboard on, plug in the little cable on the top of the case (I'm pretty sure it comes from the PSU), then put your AIO in. Your manual should say it Especially since it's Corsair.
  6. I think you have it switched it around... I checked amazon and it looks like the bottom one is 130 and the top is 100, unless your just showing these two monitors' amazon links for reference, and they are different where you live. Both monitors are extremely similar. It just depends what size screen you want. If you want a bigger screen, go for the Samsung one. If you want a smaller screen, go for the Asus one. The Asus one advertises "1ms response time and Eye care," but that won't do anything much. Samsung screens are stunning no matter the resolution, and so are Asus'
  7. Save up, there's nothing much that you can get, being that you already have your m.2 slot occupied.
  8. I'll note this for a future build (maybe for a family member if they ask me to or something), but I already ordered my parts through newegg and they are coming in tomorrow.
  9. Oh well, I'm going to be overclocking at 5.2-5.6 GhZ so I can't take any chances. This is my first pc build as I mentioned earlier, and if my CPU gets damaged bc of thermal throttling then I'll have to wait another 5-10 years. Plus, I have bad experiences with OC. I had a Rpi 2b+ and I overclocked it with only a heatsink... The same day it fried. I still went to overclocking my rpi 3b+ after that one fried, but I have a fan and a heatsink and it's so unstable. I OC'd the GPU and CPU at around 1/2 a Ghz each. I've lived with that as my gaming console, and this is my huge upgrade. I really don't want a fan because it just looks unsafe (in my opinion) plus I feel like I'll hold it wrong or something. Anyway, I don't know. I just wan't something that's cheap for now (Since I got my AIO for 69.99) and will also help me get more experienced in overclocking and water cooling, because I'll most likely switch to a custom loop in my next build when I'm in college... *5 years*
  10. I wouldn't suggest the Noctua cooling because I'm afraid that if you try to push higher than 5Ghz it might cause extreme thermal throttling compared to stable aio water cooling.
  11. Yup I went with the Wifi one since I don't have an ethernet port in my room nor a router.
  12. This is the same GPU I just ordered. I made a $2030 build with an i9-9900k + The 2070 Super. Now, it depends if you want to go with water cooling (I went with aio) or air cooling (not recommended for the 9900k) It will also be my first PC build, and I think I did a good job with the part list. Here's my build... I think these are all the parts. (Includes peripherals). Intel Core i9-9900k (For sure) Gigabyte Aurous Pro Z390 Motherboard (Terrible BIOS but good overclocking) Gigabyte Aurous 2070 Super Windforce Stack(Potential- The entirety of your build is black, and this contradicts it, but, it might look nice and this GPU has a crazy core clock Corsair H100x AIO water cooler (If you decide to get the i9-9900k, which is highly recommended, you should upgrade the water cooler because this one is loud and not that customizable, but if you go with a Noctua fan, please watch out when(if) overclocking!!!!) Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (3200Mhz) (Since your going with the 32GB RAM) Seagate 3TB 7200RPM HDD (HDD 3TB should last you a couple of years) Sabrent 512GB Rocket m.2 SSD (Go with m.2- cheaper and faster) Cooler Master Master Case H500 (Definitely- Spectacular airflow) Logitech G403 Prodigy Gaming mouse (You already have this) Corsair K70 Rapidfire slow profile keyboard. (and this) Specter 24” Curved 144hz 1080p (Might need to get a better one) Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 850W 80+ Gold (Your build is mostly black, so RGB might not be good) I went with the M.2 instead of a normal SSD and I also got a HDD to put my games and my homework, etc., Since you said you won't need an OS, Keyboard, or mouse, That's already 130$ off of this build, which leaves you room to either buy a better Display, (although 1080p at 144hz is perfectly fine since you said you'll upgrade later- same for me) or, a better AIO cooler- my suggestion- because the H100x has literally no customization and it doesn't have the best radiator. I would go with the Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 if you have a big case like the one I chose (and stick it above the motherboard, if you go with it, place it AFTER the motherboard is in with the bracket on the cpu) Since you also stated that you were going with more RAM, You should probably lower the price of the AIO if you decide to use one. (Corsair h110i if you fine with the noise)