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  1. Didnt mean to couldnt get back to my old thread for some reason it wasnt showing up in my post or activity.thanks though
  2. I'm using the meshify s2 which the fan hub is a define r6 or Nexus+ Smart Hub it plugs into your CPU cooler header and to you psu using SATA cables. Not sure why it needs two power sources but I can seem to find the power it can handle. If it's based off the mobo header then that would mean 1 amp which seems very low for a hub with 4 3 pins and 3 4pins. I think It might be best to get a different hub.
  3. I have 11 noctua NF-A14s I can spread them around my motherboard but it would help alot to have 6 on my hub. Unfortunately only 3 4 pins and 4 3pins on my hub. I have a aorus master mobo so I know all fan headers can handle 1amp but I cant find anything that says using a ysplitter to a fan hub.
  4. Correct you set one and the other follows basically. I'm looking at 3 amps I believe. I think my fan hub is 4 3 pins and 3 4pins. I've got 11 noctua NF-A14 I dont intend to daisy chain them all because that would. Be alot of amps wats ect. So I'll do 2 on each of the fan hub that's 6, two are on my d15 so they are in the motherboard the rest I will spread around my mobo. How do you check what you hub can handle? Also where do you see the power draw in bios of each port?
  5. Can you attach a y splitter to your fan hub. I'm guessing you can that's why I dont get any results just wanted to make sure.