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  1. I'm worried because I'm on a £60 Noctua NH U12P-SE2 with a Corsair case with 1 intake and 2 exhausts and my temps are 45c idle, yet this review has the stock cooler in a Micro-ATX case at 33c... https://www.techspot.com/review/1871-amd-ryzen-3600/
  2. Hi, here's the fan setup: CPU header - Noctua CPU cooler fan 1 CPU OPT - Noctua CPU cooler fan 2 Both start up no problems every time. Chassis fan 1 - Case rear exhaust fan, connected directly to header, sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. When it doesn't work, it sits there twitching every few seconds as the voltage is obviously trying to turn the fan but can't overcome the lack of momentum. Chassis fan 2 - Splitter for the Case intake (120mm) and the top exhaust (140mm) the Corsair intake starts every time, but the Fractal Design 140mm on top shares the same issue as above, sporadically starts and twitches. Qfan tuning was set up, but the fans are set to start at 60% and them ramp up as heat is applied. Could a solution be to start the fans at 80% speed at 30c, then drop to 60% speed at 35c and above, that way the computer will start and immediately trigger a fast spin, then pull it back once the temperature changes. Sound like a plan?
  3. Hi all, just changed to Ryzen 3600 from i5 2500K (I know, upgrade of the century) and idle clocks are sometimes 4,000MHz which leads me to believe it's NOT a temperature issue, but in case it is, my idle CPU temp seems to be high 40 to 50c. I'm running a stock Ryzen 3600 with a Noctua U12P-SE2 cooler in push/pull config, with a 140mm fan above and a 120mm fan pulling air out the back. Good airflow in the case. It's on an Asus Prime X370 Pro motherboard where the Q-fan is set up to be quiet, but still good airflow (anyone should know Noctua fans produce good airflow at 800RPM) - this is roughly in line with where I was on the 2500K in terms of fanspeed. Despite this, my temps are worryingly high for idle. The Thermal Paste I used was pretty dry, I applied a couple dabs of the drier Noctua stuff then found some Arctic Silver which was still runny and applied that, so the total amount of paste is correct but half was dry and half was wet.. Kinda thinking once heat and pressure are applied the dry stuff will kind of mellow out and be fine. So right now I'm torn - I've heard older AMD boards have some kind of Energy management set up for Ryzen 1XXX series, which results in 2XXX and 3XXX running at higher clocks while idle. Is that the case? I'll have to check the BIOS when I get in, just wanted to check what idle temps I should be seeing with a high-end air cooler on a Ryzen 3600 at stock, thanks!