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    Big problem, even after motherboard change!

    Could it still be the power supply if everything is lighting up as normal? The GPU is lit and spinning same with all the case fans.
  2. Long story short, I built a new computer all was working fine until I Installed updates and drivers. After restarting I now have no monitor, mouse or keyboard. No ports work at all and I can only turn the computer off via the switch at the back. I have no idea if it's actually booting or if it's dead, all the lights and fans are working so I'm really confused. I've already completely replaced the motherboard and the problem is still there. I really hope someone can help, many thanks.
  3. My new motherboard has arrived, Is there anything I need to do before installing? Do I need to format the SSD/HDD as I updated the BIOS within windows or would everything be okay just straight-up replacing it? Thanks for all the help
  4. So I've got a replacement motherboard coming tomorrow, would this fix the issue or would I need to do something else? This hasn't affected my graphics card or anything has it? I'm just confused to why this would affect me turning the computer off as well. Sorry if I seem uneducated I am very new to this, I have always bought gaming PC's prebuilt in the past.
  5. I used the App Center software within Windows yes, I have ordered a replacement motherboard. Will this fix the problem?
  6. I used gigabytes App Center and selected BIOS update and Drivers. Did I even need to update the BIOS or could I have skipped that altogether? Everything was working fine until I restarted after the update failed. Thanks for the help btw
  7. Hello all, So, I have just built my new PC as a first-timer. All the hardware was installed correctly and I managed to install windows... However, the problem I'm facing is after updating BIOS and installing Drivers with the Gigabyte App Center, (which I'm not sure I even needed to do) I can no longer get my new computer to work. I can turn it on, all the fans spin and LEDs from the motherboard and Graphics Card does light up. However, none of the ports are working so I have no monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc and I can no longer turn off the computer using the power button I have to use the switch at the back. I'm really stuck with this, some people have told me I may have potentially corrupted the BIOS as the update only got to 33%. I really need some help as building computers is very new to me and I'm scared I may have done something serious, I have already tried removing the CMOS battery for 5 minutes but this still hasn't worked. Any help at all is grateful, thanks in advance. Specs; Gigabyte B450M Gaming Ryzen 5 2600 CPU Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ GPU 8GB Corsair Vengeance Ram