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  1. skeeter36

    2080 ti not detected

    For a brand new card to work properly i would think you need to be on the most current version of windows (1903) I may be wrong, Im not a software expert by any stretch but i had a friend just a couple of weeks ago had same issue. Once he installed 1903 it worked perfectly. If i were you i would try that.
  2. skeeter36

    MSI GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition Temps??

    Ok, thanks for the info. Ill give it a shot and let ya know.
  3. I had this exact thing happen yesterday but i was swapping MSI 1080ti FE for EVGA FTW3 1080ti and it crashed on windows sign in screen. I rebooted PC and installed 431.36 driver and i have had zero issues. Im not sure what caused it to crash on initial boot after install, but it works fine now!
  4. skeeter36

    8 year old GPU with VGA can it get 1440p?

    I think we would need a little more info in order to accurately help you. What is the question exactly??
  5. skeeter36

    RTX 2080 Ti on Razer Core X Terrible Performance!

    Did you do all of the above steps? Mainly disabling the intel graphics?
  6. skeeter36

    MSI GTX 1080ti FE or EVGA FTW3 DT 1080ti??

    It didnt cost me anything. He traded me straight across. ( he owes me from past work i have done) Although im not sure he took that into consideration. So yeah, I traded him and its currently installed.
  7. skeeter36

    MSI GTX 1080ti FE or EVGA FTW3 DT 1080ti??

    ok, thank you for your input.
  8. skeeter36

    MSI GTX 1080ti FE or EVGA FTW3 DT 1080ti??

    My bad, I am pretty new to all this and my friend has the FTW3, he is doing liquid cooling throughout his build and the block he bought doesnt work on the FTW3. It will however, work on my FE. He would like to trade me cards but that DT designation was scaring me.
  9. skeeter36

    MSI GTX 1080ti FE or EVGA FTW3 DT 1080ti??

    I dont do much overclocking, I tend to let them run the way people much smarter than me set them up haha.(debatable)
  10. Keep in mind this is the DT version. Which is the better card??
  11. skeeter36

    My RTX 2060 is underperforming

    Just pick up a 80 plus GOLD rated of just about any mainstream brand at your 600 watts. Corsairs RM line is good, EVGA has a good line of gold rated PSU's as well. Its not a place to skimp!! I promise you i learned this lesson the hard way. I feel that if you are trying to build a decent gaming rig in 2019 750 watts and an 80 plus gold rating is about the sweet spot for most builds i would say. Just DO NOT SKIMP here!!
  12. skeeter36

    Rx 5700 Psu

    Agreed, I learned this lesson the hard way. For example, A corsair Cx750m wont run a 1080 ti real well if at all. But their RM750X runs it perfectly fine and to its full potential. Same manufacturer and same watt rating but these 2 power supply's are far from equal.
  13. skeeter36

    MSI GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition Temps??

    @Se7enEle7en It Still does not open with windows even though that box is highlighted. Its like nothing i adjust on afterburner saves. Its like it only works for your current session. Every time i fire up my computer i have to reset all the same settings from the day before. This gets really old and honestly makes me not even want to run it at all. Running a high end GPU shouldn't mean constant tweaking and testing. I should be able to fire it up and get the same result every time.
  14. skeeter36

    MSI GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition Temps??

    Ok, that makes sense. Nvidia keeps the best chips for themselves and allows board partners to use the lower quality chips.
  15. skeeter36

    MSI GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition Temps??

    With the fan profile active and working it never goes above 75 Celsius. I just need to figure out this afterburner software I guess. It says MSI on the box but it says it absolutely nowhere on the card itself. All it says is Nvidia so im thinking MSI didn't mess with this version at all hardly. It also looks identical to nvidias version so maybe they just put it in their box.