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  1. Ranger07

    Help my games keep crashing

    okay thanks alot for helping me out, i'll do as u advised
  2. Ranger07

    Help my games keep crashing

    Doesn't the overclocking fix confirm the gpu to be problematic? i dont have access to another pc atm but i will do something about it soon. Also i'll check for bios update. The reason i went with oc scanner are; 1. I am not good at overclocking as i m new to these things 2. I thought it might fix it and it did Ofc i m happy i found the solution but the reason i was asking for permanent fix is that i hate auto oc just like u and i think its time to go with manual overclock but as the card is being problematic at stock and i m not sure whats causing this, i think it will be pretty difficult to find stable oc as the problem i m having now is same as one would experience with bad oc
  3. Ranger07

    Help my games keep crashing

    I m having same issue except that mine runs fine when i run OC scanner from afterburner which set its Core clock to "curve" (frequency/voltage). can we do something to bios to make it stable? as i cant Rma it, no warranty the thing is that with this oc my card runs cooler, use less power while giving same fps on same settings in same games, so it doest crash. while on stock it runs hot 70s to 80°C and the game crashes either giving the same error as OP or device hung-up error. sometime the screen stucks but the game is still running as i can confirm from sound. I have Msi Armor OC gtx 1070
  4. Lately my PC has became very annoying, almost everytime i play any game on it, it crashes (but i can access task manager and can force shut the game to remove it from the screen). IT OFTEN CRASHES WITHOUT ANY ERROR while RARELY it gives me errors like "DGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED The video card has been removed or driver updates has occurred......." and " DGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG The application's device failed due to badly formed commands sent by the application....." . I found these errors pretty common online and came to know about the fix people use which is "TdrLevel" key in registry and setting its value to zero, i tried it too and was happy that it would solve my problem but it didn't, instead with this fix my PC would crash instead of the game (cant access task-manager or anything else and pc stucks completely). Tried the driver fix and Reinstalled my windows too but no luck Games i play; witchers 3, Apex Legend(mostly), NFS payback, PUBG and few more I monitor the temps and load too, nothing abnormal with them. someday it works fine but other day it wont even let me drop into the map on Apex legend. one thing more, i can even hear the sound when it freezes, seems like the game is running but display is stucked. Specs: i5 6600 cpu MSI Armor gtx 1070 gpu corsair vengeance 8gb 2400mhz ram Asus z170k mobo Corsair Tx650m psu ( just bought ) 120gb ssd for windows and 1+2tb hdds for games and stuff No overclock, everythings at stock