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  1. I ment x470 sorry. Could I use ryzen master and will it be stable?
  2. I was wondering can I overlcok the ryzen 5 3600 on a msi x570 gaming pro max
  3. Hello, I was wondering which cpu is better, I want to do gaming and video editing. I was looking at the ryzen 5 2600 but i found the i3-9100f for £61 on amazon. Is it worth me getting the i3 over the ryzen?
  4. Nope it didnt work. Do you have any other solutions I could try.
  5. I think I've figured it out. The front panel block on the nzxt h510 has a different layout to what the msi board has. So if I use the adapter it should work
  6. It does nothing when I press the on button
  7. Hello, nothing happens when I press the power button if that helps.
  8. Hi everyone, I just finished building my new PC. I've build a few others before but this time I've had a problem. It wont boot at all. All the components are brand new. I was thinking it could be the front panel connectors on my case (nzxt h510) because they have a block. There is a adapter which splits it off into the individual connectors. I am running a b450 tomahawk max and was wondering if it was the front panel block which was causing a problem
  9. I was wondering if the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB is enough to cool a overclocked ryzen 5 3600, I'm planning on a 4.1 - 4.2 overclock
  10. Hello I was just wondering what psu I should get for a 970. I'm from UK and have a budget if around £35 to £45 but am willing to go a little bit higher
  11. Do you know what psu I can get with 2 8 pin cables
  12. Hey just bought a gtx 970. I have a problem. My psu only has 1 8 pin connector. Do I have to buy another psu or is there some sort of adapter I could use to have 2 8 pin cables. I know I messed up and should of done research
  13. Hey guys. I just want to know does the msi 450 gaming pro carbon ac work with ryzen 5 3600 out of the box with no bios updates?
  14. I am using a msi b450 gaming pro carbon ac motherboard
  15. Hey guys. I want to overclock my ryzen 5 3600. I will be using ryzen master to overclock the cpu. I want to know how how much I can overclock it. I was thinking 4.2. Is this the highest I can go? And if so what voltage do I use. I am using a msi b450 gaming pro carbon ac
  16. Hello guys. My friend is building a new PC and would like to know if this PC would be able to stream while playing fortnite at 144fps. This is competitive btw so lots of endgames. CPU: i7 4790 GPU: gtx 970 Ram: 16gb ddr3
  17. Is there any good ryzen 5 2600 motherboards under £50 that are actually decent? I'm helping my friend make a budget build. I'm from the UK
  18. Hey guys. I was wondering what's the cheapest motherboard I could get that was useable with ryzen 3 3200g without having to update bios? Doing a really budget gaming PC for my friend
  19. YouTubers like Greg Salazar (510k subs) have used areocool psu in budget builds
  20. Yeah when I was looking for psu on Amazon I saw a company called areocool who had 4.6 with like 1000 reviews and I did some resuch on them and found out they were the only good cheaper psu brand
  21. Does that board need a bios update to run the 3200g?