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  1. Would have to do more research as I only scanned through google before bed. Seems a bit on the expensive side for what little purpose I need it for, but thanks for the suggestion. Does it have any software where I can change or turn it off? Lighting is fine but I don't want it to be distracting. Even on the board im using right now I turned off the flashy moving colors because it was too distracting for myself.
  2. As holiday sales are approaching very soon, I am looking for a keyboard to use at my local library as I do quite a bit of typing there. These crappy keyboards you get with a Dell or HP are the worst keyboards I've ever used. I digress. I'm looking for a cheapo (preferably sub $100) mechanical keyboard that is mildly quiet (enough so for library use). I hear Redragon is pretty good for being cheap. I'd prefer not to spend too much money though, because my daily driver at home costed my a pretty penny, and I'd rather not throw a $100+ board in the backseat of a car to use at a public computer. As long as its not an absolute pain to type on I'm absolutely fine with it.
  3. I decided to finally buy my RAM and stop putting it off, so when I went on Newegg I saw Trident Z neo (https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-16gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232866?Description=trident z neo&cm_re=trident_z_neo-_-20-232-866-_-Product) and I would like to know what the difference between Neo and regular Trident Z is. Thanks.
  4. I really like the look of them and they would be great for what I plan to use them for other than one thing. I noticed some were complaining it was lacking in bass. Does anyone know if its really that lacking?
  5. Maybe its just me but that headband looks flimsy. I dont play rough with my stuff but I wouldnt feel safe leaving those in a bag or something.
  6. Open. Usually I have bass set pretty high around 75% roughly. So yes I do like bass. I dont like on ear headphones they are annoying to me. As long as they arent clamping down on my head over ear headphones are usually what I like. I should have mentioned this in the original post but I dont know much about audio.Sorry for the invonvience.
  7. Im thinking about picking up headphones for gaming or listening to music or whatever. Just depends. (As a side not I do not want a headset. I use a Snowball for microphone) What are some decent headphones in the $50 (or less) range that would preferrably use a 3.5mm jack? I dont care about Bluetooth and USB is fine but as I said I want to use these on mobile devices too.
  8. The idea sounds really cool but wouldnt emulating be easier for practicality?
  9. A box wouldn't look too bad either I mean look at the H500. Its a literal box of metal with some glass on the side yet very nice looking. You would want to router or at least sand the edges so it looks nice and you don't poke yourself either.
  10. Trippsy

    Sweaty hands

    Gloves might help but you would lose feel and depending on the glove you might lose grip too. You may fat finger some keys you (presumably) have on your mouse. Through my own experience this doesn't work. It just makes me cold sweat. It may not for others though.
  11. A 1050 should be able to run games alright even with only 2GB of VRAM. Before buying a whole new system again I would check your other components first to see if something such as slow ram is bottlenecking you. Then you could just buy a new component and slap it in without spending a lot of money despite the fact you dont know how to build. Thats alright though because its mostly pretty easy as long as you have some common sense. Im sure the other members of this forum would be glad to help you aswell.
  12. You might be best off just buying a new 360. They are relatively cheap these days and because you have your games on disc you can just pop them in and play. I would copy the saves on a flashdrive and port them over or just start all your games from the beginning again. Your choice. Just buy a Slim or E. The OG models are prone to RRoD and overheating.
  13. I hear Redragon is good and cheap. I don't have any experience with them though.
  14. AFAIK CD/DVD drives just plug in through SATA so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues as long as your board has an open SATA. Which it should if you remove the current drive. Don't quote me on it though. I never really used discs aside from physical games since discs are on their way out if not already pretty much obsolete. I mean consoles don't even play off the disc anymore. The disc is just a key required to initially play the game. Sorry for the tangent.