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    United States
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    PC Hardware and Gaming


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    I5 4570
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    oem junk board
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    oem 16gb
  • GPU
    Gigabyte 1070Ti
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    NZXT H500
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    2 500gb and 1 1tb HDDs
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    EVGA 650 B3
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    Razer Huntsman
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    Logitech G502 Proteus
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    Windows 10

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  1. Trippsy

    I need some help with a CD-R player

    AFAIK CD/DVD drives just plug in through SATA so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues as long as your board has an open SATA. Which it should if you remove the current drive. Don't quote me on it though. I never really used discs aside from physical games since discs are on their way out if not already pretty much obsolete. I mean consoles don't even play off the disc anymore. The disc is just a key required to initially play the game. Sorry for the tangent.
  2. As you may have noticed in the comments of the video. Buying ram out of fear will make it raise price because of higher demands and I fully agree. Just saying I wouldn't be surprised if that did happen.
  3. Too bad I decided to buy my board before ram. Hopefully when I get around to it ram wont have gone up too much.
  4. Trippsy

    Bad Joke

    I wanted to change the time on my PC but I accidentally overclocked it. Why did I decide to do this. This joke is terrible.
  5. The way you said it made it sound like you only had 3 in total. Sorry for the miscommunication.
  6. Get a usb hub or splitter if you need more USB ports.
  7. Crap. Does that mean the lighting on my over priced Razer keyboard wont be customizable when I switch to my Ryzen 7 3700?
  8. I bought a used Xbox with no mention of an included game on the eBay listing. When it got home and I opened it up to my surprise there was a free copy of Dead Rising 3 in there. I also got a free copy of Rocket League for playing another game. Something about a Xbox quest I dunno. This is before Gamepass.
  9. Trippsy

    List all the USB items you currently have plugged in

    1. Razer Huntsman 2. Logitech G502 Proteus 3. Blue Snowball Microphone 4. Micro USB cord (Used for controllers, charging, etc) 5. Charger for a RC helicopter 6. Netgear Wifi adapter (switching to ethernet soon)
  10. Trippsy

    Adapter for this?

    Good luck trying to get very far with OEM boards. I got lucky and have standard headers and sockets on my temporary one but not everyone does. If you look for adapters make sure you get the adapter matchinig your pinout. You could fry your board or something else if its not right.
  11. If I recall correctly there should be a button it says to press to continue despite it not recognizing a CPU fan. Just make sure your fan is running so you dont fry your CPU.
  12. Wouldnt it generally be better if its newer than cat5? That makes sense to me. Of course there's times where older generations are better than newer generations but I just figured cat6 would be better.
  13. Im looking for a 50ft - 75ft (haven't measured yet) ethernet cable and seeing mostly $10 and some up in the $40 range. Are they all basically the same thing or is there a benefit to buying the $40 ones over the $10 ones? Im mostly concerned about ping. I noticed while I was on ethernet I had extremely stable and low ping whereas on wifi its all over the place especially while someone else is streaming (Youtube, Netflix, etc.)
  14. Trippsy

    Legitimate windows 10 OEM key

    Dont forget Windows 7 keys work on Windows 10 too