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    Pouring LN2
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    Full time money maker, part time overclock enthusiast.


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    8600K @ 4.5Ghz @ 1.185v
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    Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB 2666Mhz
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    EVGA 1070Ti FTW Ultra Silent
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    MasterCase H500
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    Samsung 960PRO
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    EVGA 650GQ
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    Acer KG1 2560x1440p 75Hz 1Ms
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    H100i Pro + 6x ML120
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    Death Adder
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  1. Fakmykak

    Should I buy a Fluke Clamp Multimeter

    Alright gotcha. Any recommendations on a good multimeter? I'm hoping to pay less than $200
  2. Fakmykak

    Should I buy a Fluke Clamp Multimeter

    My purpose for the multimeter is volt modding older graphics cards. Pretty much only that to be honest, and I know PSU's will kill you if you do not know what you are doing. I'm guessing that I do not need to get something super nice because the voltages are so low
  3. Please explain to me what makes Fluke so expensive compared to other multimeter's and current clamps. Do I need something that nice or will a $50 one do me just fine? Will mostly, if not exclusively be using it for my computer/hardware. Thanks
  4. Fakmykak

    Nvidia Raytraces the Moon Landing

    Here come all the people who gonna start claiming NASA faked the moon landing.
  5. Yeah sure Ryzen3000 can probably run it on a X570 board. Though I do not think people with a x470 or b450 would be able to run it, without loosening the timings.
  6. It supports it, but can it actually reach that speed, and then be stable at that speed. I've seen z370 motherboards that claim to do 4000MHz out of the box. But when the boards were tested they could only be stable at 3800MHz.
  7. Whats so special about it. There are way faster RAM speeds out there, not to mention your average motherboard probably would not even be able to run 4133MHz on the memory.
  8. Just because you have 2x8 GB and 2x4 GB RAM sticks that all run at 2133MHz. Does not mean they are the same kit.
  9. If you are planning on mixing 3 different kits of memory, just because you have the ability to put them all in your motherboard. I would recommend against it. Stick with 1 kit of memory that has the fastest speed. So the 2x8GB 2666MHz will probably be best for you.
  10. I get you, but you must understand that intel makes processors. They are not a CPU cooler or thermal paste company. Getting mad that they do not give you thermal paste and a cpu cooler is kinda pointless. My main reason for hating intel is that they purposely milked the consumer desktop market with 4C 8T processors for around a decade, before they innovated. I hate them cause they do not unlock all of their processors like AMD, only the K versions. But I still buy intel cause AMD cpu's are no fun to overclock. Kinda ironic.
  11. Are you really saying that intel is not good because they do not give you a heat sink for your CPU, and no paste? Doesn't like 99% of people go buy a aftermarket cooler with aftermarket thermal paste anyways?
  12. You will only have a performance increase if your GPU is being bottlenecked at pcie3. No consumer level GPU has even reached pcie3 maximum yet. If your going to buy x570 just for pcie4, that would be the biggest waste of 2019. Not to mention according to GamersNexus and their sources, pcie5 will be coming very soon, right after pcie4.
  13. 20c is not bad at all. What case do you have? Does it have good airflow? Or is it one of those with blocked off panels for the sake of tempered glass and RGB. Have you checked your fans to make sure that none of them are dead?