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  1. knn

    Audio problems

    I have now tried. But no luck
  2. knn

    Audio problems

    Hi guys. I have written about this problem once before, but with no luck, so im trying again. My audio keeps stop working. I can watch something on youtube with sound on then pause the video and when i play again a couple of seconds later there is no sound and i have to restart my computer (sometimes more than once). The same goes for games and anything else with sound on. My speakers is build in to my ASUS PB287Q monitor. Do anyone know a working solution?
  3. I tried with other cables with no luck. But.. it seems like the problem was only temporary, because now about 30 minuts later they started working again. So problem solved? somehow.. But thanks for answering!
  4. Hi guys. How do i figure out if my motherboard has a short circuit or my pc case is the problem? I have a Define R6 case with usb ports on top 2x 2.0 and 2x 3.0. The little reciever from my logitech mouse and keyboard is in the 2.0 and in the other 2.0 i placed my ipad. When i connected my ipad it connected and disconnected alot of times and very fast, so i pulled it out again immediately. Now the 2.0 ports doesn't work.. Case problem or motherboard problem?
  5. mmh.. maybe i'll try looking into that. thanks for the advice!
  6. Hi guys. I have a problem with my audio. Sometimes it works and sometimes it dont. When i open my computer it's 50/50 if the sound works or not and to make it work again i have to restart once, two or three times. When i have restartet enough for the audio to work, it can disapear out of nothing again and i have to restart again. I have tried to update my drivers, but they are all up to date and now i dont know any more solutions. Can someone help? The speakers are integrated in my monitor and goes through a display port cable. Monitor ASUS PB287Q Graphic card 2080ti
  7. knn

    Printer colors

    The settings are set at the best printing quality already. I really wish i knew what you are telling me now before i bougth it, since the deep colors are kind of importent to me!
  8. knn

    Printer colors

    They are kind of new. I have not used them very much. Maybe it would be an idea to check if they are the problem.
  9. knn

    Printer colors

    The monitor is an ASUS PB287Q I dont know how it is calibrated or how i do it, but i think it is the printer that needs to be adjusted in some way, since that when I did the graphic at work, the monitor and printed paper was the same colors. My own monitor shows the same color as well but my printer makes it another color.
  10. knn

    Printer colors

    HI guys. Does anyone know how to adjust or why it is so far from each other when it comes to screen color and printer color? I have some graphics that i need to print with a lot of green in it, but when printing on my own printer it comes out light blue/baby blue. When printing at work it has the same colors as on the screen - the green color. It's anoying and i cant seem to find a solution. Can anyone help? Printer: Brother MFC-J6930DW
  11. When i check others from the vray benchmark program, they are between 400 and 441 in score. My score is 330. How do i check the power? I did a test with gaming and by doing that, my task manager said 100% utilization, I dont know if that can be used for anything.
  12. I just made myself a good solid rendering machine with a 9900k and a RTX 2080ti, i thougt... When i am rendering on the GPU, my Task manager says that i am using a maximum of 10% of the GPU and i cant figure out why..? I have seen similar threads in different forums, but i have been unable to find a solution to this problem. DO anyone know about this problem or have a solution or a way to troubleshoot this?
  13. I made a post earlier today complaining about my mouse didnt follow the screen correctly and ended out with hawing to try to got my displayport connected instead of the HDMI with a maximum of 30Hz. BUT.. I cant get a signal from my display port. I have tried to change my monitors setting to display instead of hdmi- didnt work. If i connect both hdmi and displayport at the same time, the displayport becomes like an expansion of the screen so i have two screens running but can only see screen 2, but still with 30Hz. I looked in my bios for settings but i cant seem to find any. Do anyone know about this problem? GPU: Asus ROG strix 2080ti
  14. SOLUTION AND ANSWER TO THE PROBLEM: Another way into the BIOS: (Stole it form another post i just found) - Home - Recovery - Advanced Startup - Restart Now - Troubleshoot - Advanced Options - UEFI BIOS The problem (at least what i guess it is) is that my keyboards 'F' bottons doesnt work until the computer is turned on completely. I have a Logitech Craft and it has 2 options for the F bottons. Maybe thats why it complicates things. Thanks to all who tried to help!
  15. I have now tried to reset CMOS and with no luck.. still cant enter..