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  1. I know, that is must be just a android tablet with some app. But for now i have an ipad mini and some app for this, and i don't like it, cuz it doesn't support stop pedal (or any pedal basically) So my question is -- how can i buy/build teleprompter for ipad app. And which app on ios working with this type pedals? Or second question what teleprompter and pedal for it use Linus? Thanks. P.S Im using GH5 for recording
  2. I heard both on streams and in videos they mentioned Jira and Trello. But never actually see how it looks like. Want to really know how its managing, how people delegate to do something in a video. Like how it transfers from camera flash cards to video editing, how after that goes to sound director, and how goes to producer, which will help to give corrections to the video (like cut something there/there is sound a bit loudly etc) Basically im really want to know what LMG uses all time and for what. Even messaging software. I understand that I may be asking too much, but if it's not a secret, can you tell us?
  3. Well, i guess the only way is that buy a new motherboard, cpu and ram (like for new AMD 3XXX) and then buy GPU? Or its better to buy GPU and only then new mb/cpu/ram?
  4. Oh, sorry for not to mention that. I want to play on 1080p (with 100-120 FPS + High/Ultra settings) games like BF5, Metro Exodus, Mordhau, Tomb Raider (all of them). Be nice if Cyberpunk 2077 also will be on 60+ FPS.
  5. Well, i mean, stable 100-120 FPS on high/ultra settings i guess?
  6. Hello everyone. I decided to buy a new GPU for my old system. Like RTX 2070 or similar. But my friend assured me that you would watch a lot of little lags and FPS will be much smaller with that speed of ram. And i ask You, is that real thingy? Speed is really matter? I mean i have already watched Linus video about RAM speed, but there is only ram with 2133-3600 speed, so i cant really find out conclusion for my case. Thank you in advance. There is my specs: (idk why its 110C) RAM info from AIDA64: Cache & Memory Benchmark Results: