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  1. RadCazz

    Is VR Really Worth it?

    I remember purchasing a 3D TV back in 2010, I think. The 3D was cool. The glasses cumbersome. Today, I just watch 2D movies and programming. So, should I jump in and purchase a VR device for my pc? Or will VR become a gimmick of the past, like 3D? (I remember my PS3 had very few 3D games and now the PS4 has none, I believe.) If I do dip into VR, what peripheral do you recommend? Occulus or Hive? Something else? Please share your input. Note: I haven't completed my profile, but my Legion pc has enough USB inputs and the only thing I think I need to do is upgrade my graphics card (currently have a 1050Ti). Thanks!
  2. RadCazz

    Why are so many people against consoles?

    Back in the day, gaming consoles had better graphics, mainly... and what with sprites and parallax scrolling backgrounds. It took a while for pc's to catch up... sound cards (Remember Adlib and Sound Blaster?) and dedicated graphics cards came later. Of course, I am not including the Commodore 64, but maybe you get my drift. I liked gaming consoles because I knew that whatever game I purchased at the brick and mortar store for that specific console, would work once I got home. For a while there, pc games wouldn't always work when you installed them at home. There were so many compatibility issues and configuring was needed to get a game up and running. Of course, I majorly dated myself 'coz today's pc games are much improved. Finally, with my pc I can upgrade to the latest graphics card and enjoy graphics that surpass a current gaming console. So, I do like both. But today, I lean towards pc gaming and console emulation.
  3. RadCazz

    Dual Monitors on a 1050 Ti

    Okay. I currently have one available HDMI port connected to a 1080p curved display. I recently purchased a 4K UHD monitor (waiting on delivery) that I would like to connect to the available display port, thus having a dual monitor set up. But I have a question: Will there be a problem with the resolution of either display (pixel-wise?), since one is UHD and the other is 1080p? I don't think my 1080p monitor can upscale. Will I have 3840x2160 on my main display and 1920x1080 on the second one? Is that how it works? Or do I have to tinker with my Win 10 settings? If yes, can you provide me with some tips/suggestions/help? Thanks a bunch! I'm not currently interested using the 4K for gaming (and I don't think the 1050 Ti is up to the task anyway). I want to watch my 4K mp4's and use my art programs at the increased resolution of 3840x2160. Thanks again.