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  1. It can be because that your hardware is kind of old and not enough for modern games. Al5though, i'm not sure
  2. How do I make an Extreme Overclocking Profile
  3. I think the team should make another rig. I miss those videos.
  4. My i7-8750H is a 6 core processor, but on task manager, it says it has 3 cores. I did go to system config and change the amount of cores of 6, but i don't know how that would decrease the amount of cores I have
  5. Does a Intel i7-9700K with a RTX 2060 Alright?
  6. Should I get the Massdrop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard or should I get a Corsair Platinum K95
  7. Job Joe


    Why do you put your Rig's specs in all your posts. Also, i was drinking milk while looking at the merch and i ended up spilling the milk on my keyboard so great. Also, for the processor t-shirt, it would be funny if he dropped the Xeon
  8. Just writing this this is hard
  9. Job Joe


    Maybe LTT should hire actual models for their Merch Pictures. Where's the bleach?
  10. I'm trying to troll my friend on his birthday by trying to get rid of all his RGB on his computer without painting over it. I wanna change the ram to the most "soul-sucking"(Brought to you by Linus) ram in the world. Also, all his other components are also RGB. So I need suggestions!
  11. If it was shipped, it probably got damaged while getting to you. You can try popping the case open and checking if there is any damage
  12. Currently. there are great 2012-2013 MacBook Pros for sale and they offer the best bang for your buck, but it doesn't have the retina display
  13. I'm looking for a new ultrabook. I need one that is slim and portable, 17 inch, with really good specs. Can someone help me find a good one?
  14. I thought Hyper X was done for when they released sound cards. Now they made these glasses that will "help your with gaming and working"