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  1. Thanks alot man! you helped me out so much the curve you provided is an excellent base, the image turned out quite well actually. there werent too many details lost in the faces for example. i also used a noise reduction filter and surface blur. all this made the image good enough for new print ^^' i am so happy right now
  2. Hi all of you wonderful people. i have a quite unique photo of me and me sister that i would like to keep. and this print is the only copy of it that i have. its from a party like 8 years ago and i have no idea who took the photo originally. the print itself is very bad with strong visible lines all over the image. In addition to that the colors started to fade. i spend some time searching for techniques in Photoshop to remove those lines but i did not find anything. does someone know who to restore an image like that? i am grateful for any help i can get. this photo means alot to me the image i uploaded is just a tiny crop of the full image. so you can undertand what i mean with "lines over the image"
  3. you're thereal MVP my friend, while i was typing you searched for my device. good guy! lol you cant even play seriously without the power plugged in on this device ^^' so that wont be an issue ^^
  4. Thanks! technically it is still under warranty but its a bit of an unique situation becuase the vendor does not offer this product anymore and they dont do repairs. so if i sent in my notebook i most likely just get a refund for trhe price i paid. but i have bought that laptop during a sale wich menas i wont get a laptop with this performance for that price. makes sense? i hope so^^
  5. Hi all! i have a MSI GE raider 73 RF8 gaming notebook with a dead battery. i know its dead because it wont turn on without the Powersupply plugged in and it stays at 0% charge. while running it displays an "no battery" message like the one below. reseating the battery or whatever did not help so in my opinion this battery is very much dead.. does somebody know a legitimate store where i can order a replacement? Or should i talk to MSI directly? unfortunatly i already dumped 50 bucks into a scam that never delivered so thats why im asking here. thanks for your help
  6. its a watercooled rig. there is the CPU cooling. a mainboard specific monoblock from EKWB to be precise. yes the temps are a bit high but nowhere near a dangerous zone. Yes i know that 1800x is very picky about memory. i wrote that is rated at those speeds not that it is running on those speeds/timing. its just what the memory is rated for. i reseted everything expect boot order in the BIOS, CPU voltage, CPU frequency, ram frequency, ram timings everything is on default. anyway thanks for your suggestions edit: memtest64 passed 11 loops without an error.
  7. Hello everyone, i recently got some issues with my PC, a custom watercooled rig. here are the specs: ryzen 1800x asus crosshair VI 32GB G.skill ram rated at 3600 16-16-16-36 2x GTX 1080TI FE Corsair HXi 1000W PSU (Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0 Cables) GPU driver is is on 445.75 BIOS is on the second latest version (7601) temps are all fine and the loop has recently been maintained now the issue: as stated in the title the PC decides to have BSOD whenever i play games, no matter if its Risk of rain2, CoD warzone, Monsterhunter, or basicly anything. the bluescreen is only visible for a fraction of a second, so no chance of getting a screenshot with an error code. the weirdest thing happend last week after the PC crashed and tried to boot up again a text appeared that stated" please turn off the system and plug in PCIe power cables.... i have never ever seen something like that and i find it quite scary. is one or both of my GPU's dying? plugging the monitors into one or the other GPU doesn thelp. enable/disable SLI doesnt help either as i have been browsing through the ltt forum after writing this, both my screens went balck for about 10 sec but recovered after that. im getting a bit worried dump-win.rar
  8. i joined with my two watercooled 1080ti's lets get those points guys!
  9. it might get a bit annoying but in your opinion, what other benefit do FF sensor's have? dont get me wrong stars arent the ONLY thing im shooting, i was just wonderuing about this specific use case and how i could improve it and with F3.5 and ISO 3200 i could never ever see a star with only a 3 second exposure. im still shooting stars with 15sec but any longer ans star trailing starts to appear. light pollution is also fairly present where i live. also a star tracker moves at the same speed with the stars, so you cant have any foreground elemts cause they will be blurred out. am i right?
  10. okay first of all thanks for all your responses. depends but for stars for example, im using the sigma 10-20mm F 3.5 i just wanted to get some more opinions rather than go out, buy the 6d mkII and still not being happy with the results. i dont really want to switch to sony either after i got some EF mount lenses... so the conclusions so far would be something like this 1. FF sensor's arent worth it just for low light or im a getting this wrong? 2. a startracker (like the iOptron skyguider pro?) would help me getting better results 3. i should look into "merging" multiple exposures together to counter the noise*. 4. the Canon EOS R or RP would be more of an improvment than the 6d *can someone recommend a good tutorial? i'll look into these things. thanks again to everyone.
  11. Hi people in the LTT forum! I'm hobby photographer who likes to do alot of stuff under low ligth conditions. especially when it comes to shooting the milkyway, i get into some trouble. im shooting with Canon 80D, a solid DSLR but it has a cropped Sensor. i know the lens is very if not more important for doing such things but still, most videos/vlogger/tutorials tell me that cropped sensor just arent as good in low ligt as a Full frame sensor. Especially when bumping up the ISO above 3200, the 80D starts to look kinda crappy. Does anyone have expierence shooting stars or low light in generall with the 6D mark II Does it make sense to sell the 80D to get a 6D mark II, wich according to reviews shouldbe really good in low light conditions.