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  1. it might get a bit annoying but in your opinion, what other benefit do FF sensor's have? dont get me wrong stars arent the ONLY thing im shooting, i was just wonderuing about this specific use case and how i could improve it and with F3.5 and ISO 3200 i could never ever see a star with only a 3 second exposure. im still shooting stars with 15sec but any longer ans star trailing starts to appear. light pollution is also fairly present where i live. also a star tracker moves at the same speed with the stars, so you cant have any foreground elemts cause they will be blurred out. am i right?
  2. okay first of all thanks for all your responses. depends but for stars for example, im using the sigma 10-20mm F 3.5 i just wanted to get some more opinions rather than go out, buy the 6d mkII and still not being happy with the results. i dont really want to switch to sony either after i got some EF mount lenses... so the conclusions so far would be something like this 1. FF sensor's arent worth it just for low light or im a getting this wrong? 2. a startracker (like the iOptron skyguider pro?) would help me getting better results 3. i should look into "merging" multiple exposures together to counter the noise*. 4. the Canon EOS R or RP would be more of an improvment than the 6d *can someone recommend a good tutorial? i'll look into these things. thanks again to everyone.
  3. Hi people in the LTT forum! I'm hobby photographer who likes to do alot of stuff under low ligth conditions. especially when it comes to shooting the milkyway, i get into some trouble. im shooting with Canon 80D, a solid DSLR but it has a cropped Sensor. i know the lens is very if not more important for doing such things but still, most videos/vlogger/tutorials tell me that cropped sensor just arent as good in low ligt as a Full frame sensor. Especially when bumping up the ISO above 3200, the 80D starts to look kinda crappy. Does anyone have expierence shooting stars or low light in generall with the 6D mark II Does it make sense to sell the 80D to get a 6D mark II, wich according to reviews shouldbe really good in low light conditions.