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  1. I am going to rebuild my computer step by step again with a cleaner and nicer build in mind. I was examiningy case which is the Thermaltake V21 to notice there is an exposed lower chasis right next to the front of the case (or the right if your looking at the side panel. What is the best way to cable manage the Thermaltake V21?
  2. Part of my PC upgrade is a new mousepad. I am an avid Fortnite player who plays on an eDPI of 48. I have been looking into different mousepad and wondering which one to buy. I preferably like a sqaure mousepad or at least close to square so it is consistent where ever I slide my mouse. Size doesnt matter as long as its under 15 inches vertically. I dont really care about material either. My budget is $30-$35 though $40 is fine. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!
  3. After a lot of great feedback, I was wondering if this is a good layout of the best optimal airflow for my V21. Part of my upgrade for my computer is airflow. That is why any advice is appreciated. Everyone fan on this layout is intended to be 140mm except the 200mm on the front. Thanks
  4. So sorry for the amount of questions but would 4 on top or 2 and 2 be more optimal?
  5. So do I want two fans at the top, two at the back and one 200mm in the front?
  6. Can anyone tell me the best air flow for the Thermaltake V21? I am. Purchasing 2 BitFenix Spectre Pro RGB fans, one is 140mm and one is 200mm. I have the stock cooler for the Ryzen 5 1600. Is there any advice on the best airflow for my PC? Such as which fans should intake and outtake air.
  7. Sorry, but I forgot to mention that my budget is $300 and the Dell monitor is currently down like $180 so now its like $140. But besides that, yeah, thats my budget.
  8. I stream Fortnite on Twitch at the time. I stream with an output resolution of 1600x900. My frames dont drop at all when I stream and its capped at 144fps. The monitor thing is different
  9. What Parts Do I Upgrade? Hey LTT Community, I am wanting to upgrade my PC soon with the $300 I have been given. The only problem is, I don’t know what parts are best for me to upgrade. I am primarily using my computer for gaming and streaming at the time. I am streaming Fortnite with 144 FPS on a 1600x900 resolution and 60 FPS. I have a 60hz Dell monitor with 1ms response time. I am pretty satisfied with my peripherals overall though. The main parts I want to look into upgrading my computer parts. The entire list is below: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AMD Wraith Cooler ASRock B350M PRO4 MATX G.Skill FlareX 16GB 2400MHZ Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD ADATA SU800 128GB SSD EVGA SC 1060 3GB SeaSonic M12II 620W Thermaltake V21 MATX Case (kinda scratched and ok condition) If there is any part or peripheral any of you from the community could think of that I could possibly upgrade, the advice is very much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Hey LTT Community, I am looking towards upgrading my current PC to better adhere to my needs. I will be primarily using this PC for gaming and streaming. I am at a tight $300 upgrade so I want to really only upgrade my GPU. I am fine wjth 1st Gen Ryzen 1600 and a B350M PRO4 motherboard, so that is why I want to upgrade my GPU. I am already getting a decent 144 FPS while playing Fortnite and streaming, but when I stream with my 1060 3GB, my OBS says CPU is at 11% + (lol). So I have been debating over the RX 590, GTX 1060 6GB or the GTX 1660 (non ti). If anyone could help me decide based on the needs given above, that would be awesome. Thanks!
  11. Hey LTT Community, I am looking into upgrading my gaming computer to be a gaming and streaming computer. I like small PCs first of all and making this a mini itx build if this might affect anything. My current PC is the following: AMD Ryzen 1600 OC @3.9ghz ASRock AB350M PRO4 MATX Gkill 16gb RAM EVGA SC 1060 3GB I am planning on upgrading to a: ASROCK Fatality MITX B450 NZXT H200 MITX Case GTX 1660 (ti) or RX 590 As i said earlier, I would like this to be a gaming and streaming PC. The only thing is I dont know whether I should use the GTX 1660, the ti version or RX590. Of you could help me decide and/or give me advice on any other part, its all appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hey LTT Community! I am about to sell my GPU but dont know how to package it. What is the safest way to package to sell the GPU for a consumer. I dont want to break the GPU in anyway before I give it to the seller. Thanks!
  13. What about the wires? I forgot if stuff like 8 pin and stuff like that came with it.
  14. Hey LTT Community, I am planning on selling my EVGA GTX 1060 SC 3GB to go towards buying a 1660. The only problem is, I dont have the box nor do I remember what the heck came with it. If anyone can tell me or advise me on how I can know what things such as wires, CD thingies or manuals I should include when selling this, please respond. Thanks!