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  1. SaRX

    Windows activation

    10 home Thing is I bought the pc prebuilt and adding parts now so I don't think I will be activated on my ms account I bought the machine prebuilt and now adding parts
  2. SaRX

    Windows activation

    Today I installed a new mobo, processor, CPU fan and ram I have been running the system for about 5 6 hours just fine. Then all of a sudden I get an activate windows water mark on my screen I go to troubleshoot and select I have installed new hard wear but it says servers are down can you guys help please.
  3. Nothing in display ever shows up says no input detected have tried my monitor and TV both different cables and can't get into bios either
  4. Asus dual 1060 3gb I5 2500 Seagate 1tb HDD random 16gb ddr3 some fugitsu mobo no clue of the power supply Sorry cant make clip longer due to 20mb limit But it seems like normal when I turn it on but absolutely nothing on my screen at all and only my keyboard LEDs turn on a setting I dont use I think it's the display led and no matter what I press still nothing shows up VID_20200211_181350.mp4
  5. Sorry thought I attached clip
  6. Hey guys I accidentally pressed my power button when booting putting in a USB device and when I go to turn it on it does this all the fans ect turn on but nothing happens what can I do to fix this
  7. sorry for late reply thanks for your help and sorry to be a nuisance but is there any other bloat wear or anything else that could be potentially malicious that i should be aware of
  8. no i bought it pre built could that guy be trying to remote access my pc?
  9. hey guys i have been running scans updating drivers ect when i cam across Fog client and from what i have googled i saw that its a server manager i have no recollection of ever installing it is this to be of any alarm and am i safe in uninstalling it.
  10. i mean i will be getting the second card down the line about 3 months after i complete the build to see if it will be worth it for me to spend another grand
  11. probably not going to get 4k just going to get a 244hz monitor but i want to play that with ultra settings so hopefully it will suffice
  12. thanks dude and jesus that was brave running sli with an amd processor on 850 haha
  13. and how does that indicate i haven't done research on sli?
  14. Hey guys! I am wondering if the corsair cp 9020093 850w power supply be sufficient to power 2 RTX 2080 ti and a i7 9700k or should i go for more watts? i plan on oc as well. Ps is 2 rtx 2080ti a bit overkill for gaming haha.