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  1. EL02

    $440 PC

    My country taxes 22% of the price and it was prebuilt, so thats the cheapest i could find. Also walmart and newegg dont ship to my country and amazon shipping prices cost a lot to get the item here. Location: Albania
  2. EL02

    $440 PC

    I dont really know what model the power supply is. I just guessed it(they hadnt listed it in the specs), because all the other budget PCs this company builds uses this psu. I thought it was good since it had 4/5 stars on amazon and some great reviews... I just asked them and im hoping to get a response. Btw the community is great here. Whenever i post something, someone replies within 5mins. Thanks!
  3. EL02

    $440 PC

    So do you think i will get a good performance boost if im doing daily tasks and light gaming? ( if i can get it stable at 3000mhz). Yeah, i know the mobo isnt that great, but i dont plan on overclocking the cpu and 16gb of ram seem more than enough for what i plan on using the pc for.
  4. EL02

    Annoying blur/depth in Galaxy S7

    Try installing another camera app from the play store. If the problem occurs again then your lens might be faulty.
  5. EL02

    $440 PC

    I found it: https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Certified-Continuous-cooling-PS-SPD-0500NPCWUS-W/dp/B014W3EM2W/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?keywords=power+supply&qid=1562862911&s=gateway&sr=8-5 It's a thermaltake psu not evga sorry. What i meant in "it doesnt really matter" was that since it's a well known brand it should be good. Anyway thanks for the quick responses. I have a question: Can i oc the ram, because i know for sure the cpu cant be oc. Also is it good value for the money?
  6. EL02

    $440 PC

    Yes, i was looking for a b450m motherboard, but it was way overpriced. About the psu, i think it was an evga one, but i dont think the type really matters that much.
  7. EL02

    $440 PC

    I recently bought a desktop pc with a Ryzen 5 2400g, 16gb ddr4 2666mhz dual channel ram, 240gb ssd, gigabyte a320m s2h v2 mobo, 500W psu, wireless adaptor and a decent glass panel case($40). Is it a good deal for $440 considering it was a pre built computer?
  8. EL02

    500$ budget PC

    You can probably get a better psu and motherboard for that price. To save some money get a gigabyte b450m ds3h and maybe a 500W psu(around $40 on amazon).
  9. EL02

    Is this a good build?

    What about the graphics card? If you're tight on budget buy a rx 580 and get a cheaper case($240 is kinda a lot).
  10. EL02

    How long will my CPU hold up?

    I think you will be good for about 2 more years. Then you will have to upgrade your whole system, because lga 1150 socket motherboards dont support ddr4 memory. Maybe get a amd ryzen 3000 series later and a ssd. Before buying stuff on the internet try to look locally as I found a pc with 8gb of ram, 240gb ssd with an i5 4460 for just $230.
  11. Great! Thanks.
  12. Is the Crucial ddr4 8gb 2666mhz ram stick CT8G4DFS8266 compatible with the Gigabyte ga a320m s2h v2 mobo?
  13. Srry for the long conversation. What about getting a PC with a ryzen 3 2200g, 8gb ddr4 dual channel, 240gb ssd for $330 and also seperately buying rx 560 for $130? Again sorry if im taking too much time.
  14. Yeah, there isnt a lot of upgradebility potential in the first one because I've to change the whole motherboard with the ram and cpu if i want it to be faster. But in the other one i can just add a graphics card.
  15. Prices are crazy here. The same pc but with i7 was around €550 or $675. I've got only two choices: the computer we're talking about or ryzen 5 2400g with vega 11, 8gb ddr4 2666mhz ram and 240gb ssd for $460 (new). Can you help with the choices?