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    too young to have one


  • CPU
    Intel Pentium D 945
  • Motherboard
    BIOSTAR Group P4M900-M7 FE (Socket 775)
  • RAM
    1.00Go Single-Channel DDR2 (5-5-5-15)
  • GPU
    64MB VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family (Biostar Microtech Int'l)
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    74GB MAXTOR STM380215AS (SATA )
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    Windows XP Professionnel 32-bit SP3

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  1. yes and no, you can't like split a game on to 2 rigs but you can let a game run on a rig while other stuff run on your other rig, like streaming a video or something like that,but i wonder if you can like split the code of a game into 2 seprate programmes running on 2 rigs and communicating to each other
  2. that's sad,i mean he can still move on to twitch or other platforms?
  3. first off,try updating/fixing your new graphic card drivers,second of all make sure your power supply has enough power to feed your new graphics card,make sure your new graphics card is not over heating and is well cooled,make sure you don't have any malware,make sure your cleaned cashe files,well that's all i got over the top of my head
  4. WOW i thought RandomGamingHD would have more sponsers than that since that channel videos are really popular lately
  5. the orignial price of may be quiet high since a company lets say AMD needs to recover from all the cash and effort that they have put into research and developing the product,then the price SKY ROCKS due to people buying it right away thus making the demand rate quiet high there for rising the price, so its the WORST option to buy it after it sky rockest,its a good enough option to pre-order it, and the best option is to wait out until the demand spike cools off so it would take 2 to 1 months seeing that there is A LOT of hype
  6. hacking can be used both for good and evil, its not meant to be bad, its like banning code lessons on youtube because people can make a virus after knowing how to code,so no i don't agree with youtube
  7. but at least we should have the right to go to our local repair service not some service like apple that will charge our butts with so much more money than they should
  8. yes we should have the right to repair our stuff,since if we know how,and i we have bought your product,its now ours and we have the full right to do what ever we want with it
  9. no it was cleaned a few times over the years but last time it was cleaned was like 1 and a half years ago
  10. well i don't know what model it is, i can't find the box in came in back at 2007,and i can't use a software to detect it for some reason since its pretty old?
  11. i don't think it will do anything harmful,just make sure you clean it up so any ash that might build up on the fans and stuff won't harm it,plus if you wanna play it safe,use a case filter so when the case fans are sucking air in and out it won't get smoke/ash though and i'll build up on the filter insteed
  12. your CPU seems pretty darn good but like the other person said you may wanna wait a little longer for the new AMD CPUs,and on a side note if you are willing to run some high end games or some really demanding programmes i am not sure if that amount of ram will be enough,all though i might be wrong since i don't know what you i'll use it for aside from gaming
  13. yeah my parents are not really a fan of technology and PC stuff after all,but i'll try my best to show them i know what i am doing