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  1. I took off the heatsink and the thermal paste that came with the AIO was practically all dried up. It's strange because I built this rig just a few weeks ago. Anyway, after cleaning and reapplying thermal paste everything seems normal now.
  2. I get that it's a hot chip, but my performance seems significantly worse than what others have reported on the same hardware.
  3. Sorry. CPU-Z shows 1.248V with the boost clock at 4.5Ghz while under a heavy load (95-100% utilization). It hits around 93C then throttles
  4. I'll have to get back to you tomorrow with that info. When I played GTAV my boost clock was at 4.7GHz in intel tuning util. It definitely seems like my temps in GTA are higher than normal. I still doubt that its a cooler seating issue though because I had a friend help me install it, and he has a lot of PC building experience.
  5. Is it less likely to be an issue with the CPU itself? My idle temps are normal, and in gaming loads my temps seem reasonable (low 70s at most in GTA V maxed out).
  6. Will I have to clean off thermal paste, and then reapply it? Or is it fine to just remount without reapplying paste.
  7. I recently built a new PC with an i9-9900k, and a Corsair H115i Pro 280mm AIO. My workloads often consist of all core loads (3d rendering, and other multithreaded applications). When rendering, my temps go into the 95+C range, which is obviously too hot. I disabled multicore enhancement, and even lowered my max Core Frequency to 4.50Ghz in Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. I understand lowering to 4.5Ghz defeats the purpose of getting a 9900k, but I just wanted to see what temps I would get. Sure enough, even at 4.5Ghz my large workloads get into the high 90s, and begin to thermal throttle. Here are a few screenshots: Even at this low voltage, and low boost clock, I still thermal throttle. Is this normal for my configuration? I'm not sure if I feel comfortable leaving my PC on over night at these temps. I'm pretty sure my cooler is seated properly, and the thermal paste that came pre-applied looked fine at the time of installation.