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  1. I am getting a new pc, which processor should i get, this pc will be for gaming at 1080p.
  2. I have this home theatre system which can take dolby digital/dts 5.1 sound in spdif coxial port. I dont know how to connect it with my pc.
  3. Ran out of SATA ports, should i hook external WD 1 tb drive to a USB 3 port and use it as internal, besides it being a little bit slow (5400 rpm) are any other downsides ?
  4. Wont they refresh it when 2nd gen RTX hits selves? Something like 1760 ti or ....?
  5. Now that RTX Supers are out will 1660 ti/2060 get a price drop, soon? I am building my gaming pc, should i buy a 1660 ti now or wait for a price drop? What are the chances of a price drop in next 2 months?
  6. So nvidia refreshed Rtx series with SUPER cards, is nvidia going to do something like that with 1660 ti sometime soon? Now that Supers are out will 2060/1660 ti get price drops soon?
  7. 3-- In how many years game become too demanding to run on 1660ti/2060Super ?
  8. Gtx 1660 ti vs Rtx 2060 Super (Considering 1080p60 gaming) Q1- Which is better for gaming at 1080p60, when paired with Amd ryzen 3600? Q2- In my country, 2060 Super costs 50% more than 1660 ti, will it provide 50% better performance than 1660 ti (50% or more frame rates, like if 1660 ti hits 60fps in a game, will 2060 Super hit 90fps or more)? Q3- How many years i can get out of each before these become useless (not being able to play AAA titles due to less RAM or GPU power)?
  9. Msi is going to revise their amd mobo lineup A320,B450.. with 32mb bios chip. Any idea when will they hit shelves?