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  1. As the title suggests, i recently got a "Firefly 7S" which is suppose to be a cheaper GoPro alternative. I'm not very familiar with high resolutions as i've only played games on a resolution that my monitor allows which is 1080P but that is off topic. I was just wondering, what's better.. "2.5K 30FPS" or "2160P 24FPS". Just trying to get the best quality out of my videos. **********************If you're not too busy, what settings should i go with?******************** Loop Recording: On/Off Time-lapse: 0.5 Seconds - 1 Minute Auto Recording: On/Off Video Voice: On/Off WDR: On/Off Diving Mode: On/Off (not sure what this does) Remove Fisheye: On/Off (I kinda like the fisheye effect, looks cool i guess) Motion Detection: On/Off Nightmode: On/Off Bitrate: On/Off Date stamp: On/off (i prefer not watermarks) Angle: Large/Medium/Small Size File: On/Off AE/AWB Lock: AE Lock, AWB Lock, and AE/AWB Lock (i dont know what these do) Slow motion: On/Off (wont be using this one) Frame preferred: On/Off ****************************************************************************************************** Thanks.