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  1. You can try MalwareBytes or similar tools, but if your files have already been completely encrypted and you don't have any save points/backups, well, without paying the ransom you're likely hooped. Googling your title would probably be the better route here.
  2. An Arduino Mega has 16 analog inputs, so it should be able to do what you're asking of it. https://store.arduino.cc/usa/mega-2560-r3
  3. For anyone having trouble finding exactly what connector they have, take a look at http://www.panelook.com/ its a great resource to find out exactly what you have!
  4. Yes, its doable and lots of people have videos on YouTube describing the process. That being said, I generally advise NOT to mess with LiPo's if you don't explicitly know what you're doing.
  5. As others have said, Cold pull is usually my go-to first option for fixing issues. I've also had good luck with "seasoning" the hotend. Simply take some Pam or other thin oil, apply it to a tiny bit of paper towel, and clamp it around your filament before it enters the extruder. The tiny bit of oil did wonders in my experience, but I haven't used it since, only when I first installed a new hotend. Good luck!
  6. In my opinion, it is not worth the extra money to buy the pro version. The primary feature is that is goes to a 40mm extrusion for the Y axis and it's stiff enough imo. See this Teaching Tech video for a good side by side comparison: