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  1. Because adding servos to a 3D printer isn't done at the hobbiest scale. Odrives are awesome, dont get me wrong, but without a specific project for them it doesnt really apply to the original question
  2. Yeah don't do that IMO. So if a resin printer and a router are off the table, I'd start looking at improving your printing setup. This would be tools to clean prints, print finishing tools (sandpaper, primer, paints, airbrush, etc) and perhaps look at getting a filament drier (make your own from a used food dehydrator). You could also look at making a filament storage/dispensing solution that's airtight to keep moisture out of your filament, kinda like the Repbox
  3. I only knew about those manifolds because I am also a fish nerd. Tubtub says hello
  4. There are some internal things out of our control going on right now - floatplane will be up shortly
  5. No AC? NO PROBLEM. Who needs to cool the whole room when you can cool just yourself! A handful of parts and a little VHB tape is all it takes to make your own Swass-B-Gone 9000™. Buy gaming chairs at: [LINK] Buy NEEDforSEAT gaming chairs at: https://lmg.gg/DJQYb Buy: EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 On Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/XiQOGR On Newegg (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/BtPiXD5 Buy: Silverstone SX700-LPT On Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/MfKr9 On Newegg (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/qm0n On B&H (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/nHxSrp
  6. Do you remember way, way back, when AMD and Intel were trading punches in the CPU battle? We thought it would be neat to go back, waaay back, and build the sort of machine I would have built back in the day - so we did! Thanks to Seasonic for sponsoring this video! Buy a Seasonic Ultra Titanium PSU On Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/q4lnefC On NewEgg (PAID LINK): https://lmg.gg/8KV3S Check out the Wayback Machine: https://archive.org/web/
  7. I would suggest a brushless motors with a O-Drive https://odriverobotics.com/
  8. The Air 2 does, the Mini does but you need to use a 3rd party app https://flylitchi.com/
  9. Hey, cool little project you have here! So let me get this straight: You want to use the rotary encoder you have there to drive a motor a certain number of steps (Assuming stepper motor) Before you deal with adding the LCD I would advise you to get the system working as you intend, THEN add the LCD side of things. I glanced at your code and it looks like you have a bit of a way to go. I'd suggest taking a look at this guide and snagging some of the code from it to do what you want: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/MotorKnob#:~:text=In this example%2C a potentiometer,either unipolar or bipolar motors.
  10. Just stating the facts when it comes to the building power - the majority of our PC's have either individual UPS's or otherwise.
  11. Are you a distinguished audiophile who uses their PC for high-end audio reproduction? Or perhaps you just want the best possible sound to come out of your speakers… so can you smooth out the power delivery of your PCI-e bus with a $40 power filter card? Buy : GRADO SR80e On Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/NZ7AB On Newegg (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/f58onf On B&H (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/sqJp Buy: AMD Radeon On Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/JFON7 On Newegg (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/AAskAat On B&H (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/SZ7U6 Buy: Power Supplies On Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/6KymQCl On Newegg (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/MtvYhG On B&H (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/NkYBDk Buy: AC Power Filter On Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/6Zk0KAs On Newegg (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/QcJj4 On B&H (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/lJ85 Buy: FiiO E10K On Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/ANA2i On B&H (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/ymKKf4
  12. Start with a tiny whoop - a Blade Inductrix will probably be the cheapest starting point, they're kinda the go-to for oldschool whoops (brushed motors) as compared to the slightly more expensive brushless whoops these days. But I would advise you just get a whoop that has a camera already installed to start with so you can just DVR record on your goggles. If you're looking for speed and image quality you're going to need to spend more money. If you're willing to do that, I would suggest the HD version of the R349 from DIatone: