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  1. I just find it has slowed quite a bit recently, though may entirely be in my head - I tend to find that any time I see new hardware launches, my mind tells me my existing system is really slow! ? Unfortunately, I can't get faster RAM than I have as the motherboard doesn't support it (I think). Thanks for recommendation on the board. It's about $65 USD (£50/€60) more but assume that's worthwhile. Cheers also for suggestion on RAM. In terms of the CPU, if stock cooler is fine, I'm happy to go with that. Think I'd seen comments on it running hot on Reddit but appreciate that everything is subjective (and lot of idiots online too!) As to PSU, yes, it was really cheap but at the time, it was all I could afford! I did get it at a good price. Don't care about RGB as PC isn't exactly visible in my set-up but it does run really quiet - though that's comparative to my old PSU that, as it began to fail, ended up sounding like an aeroplane taking off...
  2. Hey all, I'm contemplating an upgrade of my system and could really do with a bit of advice. Currently, I have an Intel Core i7 6700 (3.4Ghz base) on an MSI H110M Pro-VH motherboard with 16GB of DDR4-2133. This system is now 3 years old and I had been intending on replacing the entire system within the next couple of months. Fate had another idea and both my graphics card and PSU failed within a month or so of each other :( So, with a new PSU (Thermaltake Smart RGB 80+ 700W) and graphics card (Radeon RX590), I'm now thinking of upgrading some other components but wanted some expert advice before I undertake anything. I'm looking at a new motherboard (MSI X570-A Pro) along with the Ryzen 5 3600X. Couple of quick questions though: To save some cash, I'd probably keep the DDR4-2133 RAM. However, it's not a massive cost to include 16GB of DDR4-3000 - would this be a worthwhile upgrade? Conscious that, if memory costs do come down, I could look at 32GB in due course rather than upgrading right away... In other words, how much would performance be a drag with DDR4-2133. Along the same lines, I'd probably keep my internal boot SSD (standard SATA 2.5", can't quite remember which type!) I know the suggested new mainboard does support PCIe gen4 so I could look at a gen4 M.2 drive, but this is super expensive (in the UK, around £200 for a 1TB drive). I know the speed benefit would be considerable... Any thoughts? Have heard that the Ryzen 5 3600x runs quite hot - I'll not be overclocking, but is it worth upgrading the stock cooler? Other than that, I'd keep my internal 8TB drive, along with the optical drive (though not sure when I last used it!) and the Radeon RX590, etc. For reference, my machine is mainly productivity - some video/photo editing (I will hopefully be moving to 4K video editing but may do this by proxies if speed is poor). And some very casual gaming (I suck at most everything). Dual screen set-up, both at 4k so I obviously don't run native resolution when I do game :D One option is to save the hassle of upgrading myself and just look at a new system anyway (with current box being relegated to my Plex media server). Obviously much more expensive, but this system was purchased on quite a tight budget at the time and some corners were cut by the PC builder (crap PSU obviously, not great air-flow internally, lacking in case fans, etc.) Some of these could be resolved but that's perhaps for another day. Any thoughts would be really appreciated, thanks for reading. Cheers, Andy
  3. Thanks Slottr, appreciate the comment. Realise 4k gaming is out of my price range (and, to be honest, it'd be such a monumental waste of money... I forgot to mention that I'm not very good at gaming anyway!) Would something like this be a good shout? https://www.ebuyer.com/881376-asrock-phantom-gaming-d-radeon-rx-580-8gb-oc-gddr5-graphics-card-90-ga0m00-00uanf (ASRock Phantom Gaming D Radeon RX 580 8GB OC GDDR5 Graphics Card) Do you think prices will drop substantially in the next couple of weeks with the new Nvidia cards hitting the market? Thanks again! Andy
  4. I came back from a couple of weeks travelling to find my PC acting up - screens would blank out and computer would randomly restart. I was going to register here and post for ideas for troubleshooting, but then it failed altogether. I switched to the built-in graphics and now have a working system (single screen... killing me!) I'm about to head off on another work trip but will need to sort a new graphics card when I'm back. And, I really don't know where to start! My current spec is: i7 6700 CPU 16GB RAM Windows 10 Pro Dead graphics card was a NVidia GTX950 If it wasn't already readily apparent, I'm not much of a gamer - just casual gaming now and then. My system is almost entirely work based (photo editing, graphic design, etc.) The challenge I've found in gaming is that I have 2 x 4k screens for work space, and I don't want to drop a fortune on a graphics card for the occasional game of Rocket League, Squad, etc. So I'm here for ideas and suggestions! My random thoughts are: The PC itself is now 3 years old and I'm wondering whether I get a new GFX card or just replace the whole system (wasn't intending on replacing it for another year or so as, other than this issue, it is still quite speedy for work) I know new Nvidia cards are coming soon which will impact pricing - happy to wait off to get something (not sure if there's likely to be any cards in the Amazon Prime day sale?) Also aware that AMD cards offer benefits in terms of cost v performance. So, yeah, don't really know where to start. I'd probably be looking at spending around £100 - £300 (probably equivalent to US $100 - $300 with our rip-off prices in the UK!) Hope I've posted in the right place, look forward to any suggestions.