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  1. I'll NEVER bought a reference AMD card, but, my 2070S is the FE haha. The Borderlands 3 benchmark: BenchmarkResults 2019-10-09_19-34-03 - FramesPerSecondAvg: 65.25 - FrameTimeMsAvg: 15.33 All in Ultra, windowed fullscreen with a 3700X.
  2. Of the RTX? I dont know, I just know that activate it will become in less perfomance, 5fps? 10? 15? I dont know, but less sure.
  3. That's why for me, the RTX is something that I'll never switch on, I don't want perfomance drop for a bit of brigthy brighty.
  4. Until now I only played Borderlands 3, which I consider that have a bad perfomance, it drops to 50fps (it doesn't go further) easily in stress situation (continuosly while playing with friends xDDDD), but, as I said, for me the game perfomance is bad. However it mostly goes at 60fps. I can also play later MHW if you want to see how the card runs in some hunts, anyway I'm gonna pass the benchmark of BL3 capped at 75fps and unlimited, I'll post the results later.
  5. 2070S is sightly faster but you have to see it the difference of price/perfomance is worth. I was in the same situation than you, 2560x1080, 5700XT/2070S, and I was about to buy the 5700XT but here it is selling at 500€ while 2070S is selling at 540€, so finally I bought the 2070S. Both cards will run fine, for example in Gears 5 both have the same perfomance, in Battlefield V is better the 5700XT and in Destiny is better the 2070S, so, I think that it mostly will depend of the prices of both cards.
  6. I recently bought a Whisper M 650W and I can't be more happy with it.
  7. They're diferent games, for me, Borderlands 3 is the one to go, I've been playing it since it release and it's a great game, its better in every way than his predecessors. I only could give a bad word on it and it's because his mayhem system. And it's perfomance haha.
  8. You have to find the sens where you are comfy, a sens which adaptsto your playstyle. For example I am a "wrist player" so I have usually higher sens that my friends or professional players, they used to be more of use a lower sens and move the arm using all the mousepad. Like Onehandstand says, lower it and increment until you feel comfortable.
  9. Ye, it is mounted in the front, the last time that I removed the front panel didn't notice so much variance. I'll try it again this afternoon.
  10. Because I have it but the temperatures of my 3700X are really really weird, peaking at 80º while playing Borderlands and around 55º while idle so, I wanna now if some of you knows more than me about this one or have it or something and if this AIO is good for Ryzen. I know that the Ryzen 3000 are warm CPUs but not for 80º in a AIO, and yes, the assembly is well, the thermal paste is the Artic Silver 4 and it was spreaded also well, then, I have some thoughts: 1- This AIO is insufficient. 2- The case isn't good enough (Phanteks P400S). 3- Both . Thanks! PS: The ambient temperature of my room is around 20º.
  11. Just noticed that HWiNFO has a section for RivaTuner, so, thank you! And than you all who posted in the thread :3
  12. Is there any program to monitoring the temp while I am playing? I don't wanna to do AltTab to see it
  13. Hi, Donki McClure and you may remember me from such threads as "What ram sould I buy" and "Worried with my 3700X temps", and now I wanna comment with you one thing that gets me annoyed. While gaming the temperature measured with RIvaTuner is continously fluctiating betweet 10ºC, for example, it goes 70ºC and then it goes down to 60ºC. Once the temp is on 60ºC, goes again to 70ºC. Every time it goes down, it does it gradually, but it reachs the 70ºC instantly, you can see the temp for example like: 68ºC, 65ºC, 63ºC, 61ºC, 70ºC, 68ºC, 65ºC, 63ºC, 61ºC, 70ºC. And it never stops. Is this normal? Is the 1st time I've seen this.
  14. Sorry for the doublepost but, can I suck your dick? xDDDD Thank to you all who posted something, love :3 I just change the VCPU (the 1st one that appears of the BIOS) from 0.980 to 0938, and its amazing.
  15. Do I have to put again the thermal paste or just unscrew and screw the the pump?
  16. Not sure if i cant add more fans... Looking at Techspot my temperatures are even worst than with the Box Cooler: As I said, im worried about that :/
  17. I was testing the temperature of my new 3700X and it seems a "bit hot". It reach easily 80ºC in the Ryzen Master stress test and it's 50ºC on idle. I'm worried CPU: Ryzen 3700X Water Cooling: Enermax Liqmax II 240 BIOS: Update AGESA ABBA (F5a) Here an example of the test: https://streamable.com/ujd6h I'm gonna attach 2 photos of the BIOS. Any thoughts? I'm really lost because i have the pump in the CPU_OPT, the two fans of the radiator on the CPU_FAN, the thermal paste is Artic Silver 5 applied spreading the paste (and I think that is not because of cuantity looking at this GamersNexus video: ) So what do you think? Thanks!
  18. Oops, sorry for the delay. The Mobo: https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/TUF-GAMING-X570-PLUS/ BTW, I can't buy the TridentZ Neo, so I have to choose between this two: http://www.gskill.com/product/165/168/1536203076/F4-3600C16D-16GTZTrident-ZDDR4-3600MHz-CL16-16-16-36-1.35V16GB-(2x8GB) https://www.crucial.com/usa/en/ble2k8g4d36beeak
  19. The 3200 is 6€ cheaper the 3600 memories, 179€ and 185€. Reading the Spartan VI and Allan B's post, I think that I'd go for the 3200, but, for 6€... xD... Yeah, I think that, the 3200.
  20. I'm really lost with this, I don't know what memory buy for the 3700X for gaming. I was between Trident Z Neo 3600 CL16, Trident Z Neo 3200 CL14, but I don't know what is better for this that I want.
  21. I think that it's clearly designed for those people who only wants a handheld console but, actually Switch is already a handheld. For me, the biggest problwm with this Lite is the screen, some games like Monster Hunter and probably (I hadn't bought it yet) Dark Souls should be a bit "hard" (I don't find the word i'm looking for xD) to play.