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  1. Hi guys so ummmm basically i installed an app called clownish voice changer but i don't like it anymore so i remove it and uninstall but i notice that it is still appearing on my task manager well i upload pictures now for more details.
  2. I apologize what i meant is i cannot find it @Jurrunio
  3. I Cannot find i mean the Disable the offending startup entry. i have sample screenshot here
  4. Hi sir how to find and remove it the startup Pls @wkdpaul
  5. @Stormseeker9 No it just happen today coz i accidentally disable my cmd on regedit
  6. Hi guys so this was happen i just disable my cmd on regedit , i already tried different methods like on SAFE MODE it doesnt work it always come back to CMD video-1567258739.mp4
  7. Hi guys I have a question if my motherboard will only run 2444mhz on ram compatibility on motherboard can my 3200mhz ram will be able to use?
  8. Thanks guys, i wanna try other options
  9. Hi guys,I did everything i can to turn off notifications and this is really getting annoyed me, it the notifications from windows 10 always pop up, anyone can help me? i did some turn off thing in the picture