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  1. Its more I want 32 really Also I had few issues with 16Gb on my old PC when I launch Chrome with few tabs, some working stuff, WoW in the background, some other things. Perhaps my RAM was dying but sometimes it was 95%+ usage total. Russia.
  2. Yep, I use them in my old PC, love them but there is a small problem with availability of 2x16 LPXs.
  3. Iam planing two configs, AMD\Intel, want to finish both and see how it would look like, than decide what to buy. For Intel it would be Aorus z390 Pro and 9700kf (couldnt find K, but as I understood its basically K w\o useless parts ) I wanted to use 2x16, but right now I would agree on anything...I never expected it would be so hard to find 32Gb kit. Scary to think about AMD option, heard they more RAM dependent CMK32GX4M2B3200C16 - this was my first choice for Intel option, Corsair LPX is very low, so 0 problems with DRP4, and this kit is on the list, but cant find it. Looking on F4-3200C16D-32GTZSW this guy right now, dont know about G.Skill but heard they are not a bad option, but its 44mm...so they wont fit w\o magic As I understand its possible to lift cooler little bit, but tbg Iam not sure I want to do it.
  4. Hello everyone. Trying to find RAM, not only I need less than 40mm(Dark Rock Pro 4, wanted nh-d15s but somehow its impossible to find it, only few shops even got in on their sites and ofc its out of stock), not sure why but I searched QVL and decided I want memory to be on it. Turns out its very hard to find RAM I can buy, fits under DRP4 and on this list at the same time. Maybe Iam overthinking it?...DDR4 is DDR4 no matter what, stick from a good brand will be as good as any other stick from other good brand...right? Too bad I couldnt find RAM comparability list for DRP4
  5. Hi everyone. Thinking about where and how many fans I would use. At first I was planing on doing simple 2x140 front and 1x120 rear, even with front filter it suppose to be positive pressure, not much resistance behind fans, worst case - just slow down rear fan. But why stop at 3 when case got so many places, every MB on my list got at least 5 case headers and I dont really care about some noise. Is there a downside of doing 4x140 front\top intake and 1x120 read exhaust, is there "too positive" pressure? Perhaps, if MB got 6 headers, even remove bottom shroud cover and add one more intake, its also filtered. It seems like more fresh and cool air = better, but perhaps I dont know something? One other thing, I would most likely use NH-D15s, considering its size it very possible I wont be able to put top intake, or perhaps just one fan. p.s. Just realized I posted in the wrong section, there is air cooling one, sorry
  6. I never upgraded my PC, I always buy everything new, by the time I decide to upgrade all hardware is already too old. Ryzens are pretty new still, so I doubt we would see another generation any time soon. Also 3700x costs almost the same as 9700k, well 50 or so less. 50$ for 4% seems more interesting, on the other hand perhaps new games would be more multithread friendly + I heard Ryzens stock cooler is very good, not much reason to buy Noctua\Dark Rock so its minus another 100$, but I thing I would need better RAM, I didnt looked what AMDs like but I heard they are very RAM dependent
  7. I dont really care about efficiency, gold and platinum, load %...it just some piece of mind, we not talking about cheapest Chinese noname PSUs here I just want reliable PSU, ofc w\o too much overkill. Right now I got 750Вт Corsair "TX750 V2", since 2012...with GTX770 and 4690K Theoretically I think I can even use it for my new PC, but its not fully modular + yes its 750w, but he is pretty old, I think its time for him to rest, he deserves it.
  8. U mean Ryzen? Yep, It seems AMD are pretty good right now, I even thought about them but I dont really got good memories about AMD CPUs, I had Duron 800 one time. Plus I watched lots of reviews and in the end ppl suggest Intel for gaming, AMD for work, my work want lots of RAM but its not exactly CPU heavy. So mainly I set on 9700k because...marketing, old memories, ignorance...all those things I guess. Dark Rock is just sooooooooooooo good looking. Yes I know I got window-less case, but I would know I got very good looking cooler, but you right, not much reason to go for looks vs performance in my case, even if its just 1-2C of temp. As for SSD, it some way other brands, I just dont trust them, even though I lost 2 Samsung SSD few month ago I still trust them more, they made their own memory for one. MB - why do I need WiFi and\or BT? I got almost 15 rj45 sockets, got 2 near me right now. I think stationary PC should be with wires, WiFi is for mobile devices, or am I missing something? Not sure I see any other reason to have on-board Wi-Fi other than connect it to Router\AP. Video Card - tbh its not about saving money, I always wanted to build top PC, but couldn't afford it, not I can afford it Basically the only reason I even consider 2080ti. But on the other hand Iam not a child now, so...common sense interferes, this a-hole stops me from fulfilling a childhood dream. At first I wanted to go all-in I mean 4k and everything, but again..common sense and all Problem is I read modern RMx's are not what they used to be. I looked at PSU tier list here and basically choose what I like
  9. Checked prices, Corsair RMx 650 vs 750...5$ difference.
  10. Tbh Iam not even sure why I want Samsungs again, within last 4month 2 960s pro died. 650? U sure? Even if I decide to go for 2080ti?
  11. Nothing too special, just normal home PC, some games some work. I dont really care about budget, I mean its limited only by common sense. No reason to take 400-500 mother board for example, already made this mistake. Got Asus Hero MB and I dont even overclocked CPU in it ofc CPU is k.
  12. Sorry, I sent posted before I finished missclick
  13. Hi everyone, slowly building new PC, got few questions + just interested in outside opinion, never hurts. So far it looks like this Case - Define C + 2xNF-A14 industrialPPC-2000 PWM, 1x120 NF-F12 industrialPPC-2000 PWM. MB - Z390 AORUS PRO CPU - I7-9700k + NH-D15S or Dark Rock 4 pro RAM - Vengeance LPX CMK32GX4M2B3200C16 SSD - 970 Evo or Pro Video - RTX 2080 S or Ti or GTX 770 PSU - Aerocool P7, Corsair HXi, Corsair RMx, Be quiet Straight Power 11 Explanation. As u can see I more or less know what Case, MB, CPU and Ram would be. CPU cooler, I still thinking, I like Rock, but it doesnt really matter in Define C case, they performance is more or less similar, price is marginally different. SSD, not sure I need sustained r\w speeds so I think it would be Evos. Video, Yes, I know 2080ti is very good value, so I guess it would be 2080s, I also thinking to keep 770 for now and wait, heard rumors about Radeons 5900. PSU, Main question, Iam thinking 750w, all 4 looks good, but Be Quiet calculator shows 850 recommended, Seasonic calculator shows 527 recommended so Iam not sure, 850 seems to much, 527 seems not enough. What do u think?
  14. Warak

    Need help with small home network

    We got GPON. Tbh so far I dont really like this thing, classic tp seems way more convenient. My ISP use SERCOMM and I think ZTE ONTs, never even heard about first brand, I bet they got SFP modules so compatibility issues should not to be a thing. But you are right, as I said I never used fiber before, less than a month ago I saw cable itself for the first time , it may be more complicated than it looks to me. Btw its was very interesting experience...its so thin, especially w\o all of its protective cover , hard to imagine how it is able to send information with such speeds ...I just hope workers dont broke it already, very fragile thing compared to tp. Perhaps in the end it wont be as bad as I think... I mean switches, possibility of limited access to router settings...perhaps its just a matter of habit, for more than 15 years it was always tp, got used to it. In the end all I need is internet and more or less secured wireless network, nothing too special or specific. It even can be more interesting in the end, today when I woke up I had this strange idea...why not try to use small server rack, lets say 8-10U ? Switches Iam looking at already can be mounted in the rack, UPSs are not much more expensive, too bad NASs are extremely expensive compared to desktop versions, not sure why...I can always use desktop NASes and rack shelves...anyway, thing to consider, can look pretty interesting as a part of room design
  15. Warak

    Need help with small home network

    So I looked at what we got, Netgear is basically nonexistent here, home or enterprise, at least at normal "consumer grade" shops, but we got literally hundreds of D-Links So, right now Iam looking at Linksys LGS116P or Linksys LGS116 or Netgear GS116. Like their looks, it would be very cool to see one of them on a wall or stand + so far cant find too much problems or complaints about them. And Netgear would be little harder to find, but I think possible. Not sure about PoE, almost 2x price difference, I dont really need it right now so not sure there is much reason to pay for PoE, and if I will need it in the future I can always buy another smaller switch right? Also...am I missing something? LGS116, GS116...they even look pretty similar, I know Linksys is Cisco, but Netgear suppose to be by themselves. Another fun thing, it looks like NA GS116 looks differently form European GS116, yours looks better