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  1. 256 on 68u, I think first thing I looked was status and all was good. Right now my new cheap router uses almost all RAM and works just fine... More or less what I saw, it was not even 50% RAM and CPU usage. New router is also pretty hot, so I guess its was not overheating. In any case hot = normal for something with entirely passive cooling. + Its not like 100C hot As for firmware as I said when problem started one of the first things I did is updated it, so its either 2 bad firmwares, or not firmware at all. It happens as soon as I start to actively use wifi, basically few(3-5) minutes after. Too bad Asus routers logs are pretty much useless, at least it this case, I expected to see some error message. btw if it was RAM problem I think logs suppose to show it but who knows.
  2. I researched this option. You need to find specific SFP from D-Link, SFP which is discontinued few years ago I think, u need to use custom firmware, it would run very hot(65C-70C) so you will need good cooling and even after all this you will only get Internet(np phone or cable tv, dont care about both but still) and most likely it will be pretty unstable. Not worth it unfortunately, in the end the only people who are doing all of this are enthusiasts and most of them do not recommend it for everyday use, for them its a hobby.
  3. No idea Closest things I could find to what I think u talking about is this. Its from my main router, I never really touched it, I got no idea what this thing is and what it can do, it even got custom UI from my ISP, iam simply afraid to touch anything there Well not anything, anything I dont 100% understand. + there is an old saying "dont touch BIOS if everything is working"...Heard it like 20 or so years ago from a smart dude, first thing he told me when I got my first PC I dont even want to know how many times this saying saved me from doing something stupid Ofc updating BIOS today it not the same as it was 20 years ago but still... Too bad my IPS cant just allow me to use my own equipment, I would love to do everything from the ground up...My own routers, SFP for fiber cable and so on...but I have to use IPSs ONT...
  4. Not sure I understand your question...
  5. I think you wrong cause it the end I wanted my router in AP mode with address and I got it, I tried same settings each time...same IP, same Gateway and DNS, so its some kind of strange bug or some mistake I made, messed up one of the addresses perhaps, 129 instead of 192 or something like this. Its not rocket science right...any free IP address + Gateway and DNS 1 = IP of the main router. Anyone can do it I think I can even put LAN IP on auto, main router = DHCP so it will sort things out Guess we will never know, its working now so its should've worked first time if I didnt made a mistake with IP\Gateway\DNS right? I will never believe that two hard resets are helped with something
  6. Well...I guess I need new router Bought RT-N19, few problems in the beginning with initial setup, not sure why but I couldnt get to GUI after I put router in AP mode, after hard reset all is ok till I put it in AP again But few hard resets and problem solved itself perhaps I just missed something small first times, still strange. Anyway, so far N19 works fine, I will see how it would be after few hours, perhaps I will try my 68U again in a few days but as I said, so far it looks like I need new router. N19 is not so bad, but little too budget for me...only 2.4 WiFi, just 2 10\100 ports and so on, good as a backup though. Well at least its almost NY, new router can be a gift for myself RP-AC68U looks awesome, but I will have to put it in the open, pretty stupid to buy such device and hide it in some closet. + It can do two things at a time - AP + Night Lamp
  7. Not really, tbh I think you can call it 0 interference considering how it looks in more public places Just few other ONTs from same ISP(MGTS_GPONs) + 2 of my "other wifi devices"(LIB20) but they dont do anything, they cant do anything plus they were always there, problems started few days ago.
  8. Optical cable comes to ONT, ONT is connected to switch, this switch(1) is connected to another switch(2), router is in AP mode and connected to 2nd switch. Nothing is connected to this router except smartphone, its basically wi-fi AP for smartphone and other wireless things cause I dont want to use wi-fi from ISPs ONT, I dont trust it but I have to use it cause my ISP gave me fiber, not simple twisted pair. Tried factory reset, didnt helped. Tomorrow I will buy something cheap, I like SUS RT-N19 and try him.
  9. Also - 14:18, everything looks fine again, just tried to open page in a browser, it works...
  10. Hello everyone. So few days ago my router, ASUS RT-68U, started to do strange things. All seems ok, suddenly my smartphone lost WiFi internet, jumped to another WiFi device(no internet there), I tried to manually reconnect it to my router, all seems ok but as soon as I start to use WiFi for anything, lets say open LTT forum everything is happening again, internet turns off, smartphone feels it and reconnects to another device. Nothing was added or removed from the network, its just started. I "forgot" another WiFi device, turned off mobile data, started to do some experiments and its basically a cycle. I restart router, all looks good, I start to use internet on my smartphone and few minutes latter its start to loose connection, it looks like its connected to router, but no internet, browser wont open anything, VoWiFi changes to VoLTE and so on. 5-10 minutes later everything is good again till I start to do something with internet. I started to look for a problem... 1. Maybe router is overheating? Its in pretty closed space, feels little hot. I put it on a table, so its nice and cool around it, nothing changed, router is still little hot - So I guess its not overheating. 2. My router is in AP mode, connected to switch, maybe something wrong with switch? Ports there like to just suddenly die. I changed port, same problems. - Guess its not switch problem. 3. Checked firmware, updated, but it was working few days ago so doubt it was firmware problem, but fresh is suppose to be better so why not. 4. What about cable itself? I used another cable(Switch->Router), Also didnt helped. I decided to go and see router logs, Iam not specialist but perhaps I will find something in there, like BIG RED ERROR MESSAGE, nope, there was lots of things there but nothing I can see except one thing This, over and over, and over again. Lots of this. It doesnt look like big red error message I wanted, but it is something. Perhaps someone else can see something in the logs, it starts from the moment I changed cable between router and switch till right now basically. Right this moment(13:51) everything was working, few minutes later everything is broken again...Smartphone is connected to WiFi network, but there is no internet and messages are returned. 14:03 - all works again. Can it be smartphone problem?...I need to find some other device to check, but I got WiFi LED strip, its also got problems so seems like its router. btw as soon as I started to pair phone and LED strip, somehow its also broken, cycle started again, no internet and lots of messages in the log, except its 2 devices now. :67 is my phone and I guess :18 is LED strip... Can anyone help me, what happened with my router? What does he want from me? Or perhaps its just a good time to buy new router? 68U worked just fine till few days ago, but he is still pretty old already, at least 4 or 5 years. Sorry for such long post, I think I am going insane... Log.txt
  11. Its more I want 32 really Also I had few issues with 16Gb on my old PC when I launch Chrome with few tabs, some working stuff, WoW in the background, some other things. Perhaps my RAM was dying but sometimes it was 95%+ usage total. Russia.
  12. Yep, I use them in my old PC, love them but there is a small problem with availability of 2x16 LPXs.
  13. Iam planing two configs, AMD\Intel, want to finish both and see how it would look like, than decide what to buy. For Intel it would be Aorus z390 Pro and 9700kf (couldnt find K, but as I understood its basically K w\o useless parts ) I wanted to use 2x16, but right now I would agree on anything...I never expected it would be so hard to find 32Gb kit. Scary to think about AMD option, heard they more RAM dependent CMK32GX4M2B3200C16 - this was my first choice for Intel option, Corsair LPX is very low, so 0 problems with DRP4, and this kit is on the list, but cant find it. Looking on F4-3200C16D-32GTZSW this guy right now, dont know about G.Skill but heard they are not a bad option, but its 44mm...so they wont fit w\o magic As I understand its possible to lift cooler little bit, but tbg Iam not sure I want to do it.
  14. Hello everyone. Trying to find RAM, not only I need less than 40mm(Dark Rock Pro 4, wanted nh-d15s but somehow its impossible to find it, only few shops even got in on their sites and ofc its out of stock), not sure why but I searched QVL and decided I want memory to be on it. Turns out its very hard to find RAM I can buy, fits under DRP4 and on this list at the same time. Maybe Iam overthinking it?...DDR4 is DDR4 no matter what, stick from a good brand will be as good as any other stick from other good brand...right? Too bad I couldnt find RAM comparability list for DRP4
  15. Hi everyone. Thinking about where and how many fans I would use. At first I was planing on doing simple 2x140 front and 1x120 rear, even with front filter it suppose to be positive pressure, not much resistance behind fans, worst case - just slow down rear fan. But why stop at 3 when case got so many places, every MB on my list got at least 5 case headers and I dont really care about some noise. Is there a downside of doing 4x140 front\top intake and 1x120 read exhaust, is there "too positive" pressure? Perhaps, if MB got 6 headers, even remove bottom shroud cover and add one more intake, its also filtered. It seems like more fresh and cool air = better, but perhaps I dont know something? One other thing, I would most likely use NH-D15s, considering its size it very possible I wont be able to put top intake, or perhaps just one fan. p.s. Just realized I posted in the wrong section, there is air cooling one, sorry