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  1. Ingame my cpu drops to 3.68 GHz and normal is 3.8 GHz
  2. like the new metro tomb raider battlefield v and such games
  3. It frustrates me that every other game runs perfectly on high to ultra settings but cs won´t run good
  4. alt tabbing does nothing and -panorama does nothing either
  5. Yes, I uninstalled thim while i was in safe mode so I think the old should be completely gone
  6. i tried everything like max 0 and max 999
  7. Recently I switched from a 1060 and an i5 with around 250 fps in CS:GO to an Rtx 2070 super and an i7 and I only get like 120 fps even on low settings and I tried everything I could find on the internet but I just can‘t fix it. Is there anyone out there who can help me? Every other game runs perfectly on high / ultra
  8. I want to upgrade my 1060 and i think the 2070 might be a good idea and i was wondering if my psu could handle the new gpu I have the 500w be quiet pure power 10 500w 80+ silver psu