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  1. Hi, my workplace frequently organizes an event call "Meet people with passion". People bring their tools for making lamps, materials used for painting and stuff like that and I was thinking about bringing my VR systems (Oculus and PSVR) to my work to show off this technology and how much fun and useful can it be. But, presentation aside, I'd like to do a little talking as well, but I don't know how to put it in right words. Any ideas what should I mention, what should I point out? Maybe prons and cons of this tech as it is right now?
  2. W98 SE retro system

    If only I had a working P3 around my location.
  3. W98 SE retro system

    Would be an LGA775 P4 550 an overkill? I think it looks better than Athlon64 CPUs, not to mention that I'd like to stick to the Blue Team with a CPU... The GPUs you mentioned, the 6800 or X800XT - I would go with the ATI one, since the green one seems worse in this case.
  4. Hi, I'm thinking about building myself a retro gaming system, to relive some of the games I used to play back when I was a little kid - most of those were played on W95/W98 machine, so that's my goal here. To get this out of the way right off the bat- I don't want to play with stupid emulation and any potential compatibility issues - I dislike an emulation in general. I want to have a separate, physical machine to play these games out of nostalgia reasons. Also, I do realize that some of tha games I wanna play do have a HD remakes, but that's not the point of this build. I do have some issues finding a proper hardware, though. I know that I want the latest hardware supported by W98 SE, so for a CPU I would go with a Pentium 4 (potentially with HT support) and for GPU I'd take nVidia GeForce 7950 GT (256 or 512 MB version, AGP or PCI-E) and with a 256 or 512MB of RAM. But do you have any suggestions regarding the rest of the components?
  5. Intel RST error in W10

    OK, the solution was simpler than I thought - the newest RST driver was causing the problem - the solution in my case was to download an older, 14.8, one.
  6. Intel RST error in W10

    Hi, I have a Gigabyte's Z77 motherboard, which has a neat mSATA port for an SSD to be used as a cache for one of my drives, and that's why I was trying to do for past couple days. I Have BIOS drive mode set to RAID, Windows is also installed with that setting in mind, the drive is installed and so is the Intel RST software for it. The drive itself is not initialised so it is detected by the software. So far, so good. I got it set up to the point that all my glorious 24GB are being detected, I choose a drive to be boosted (my games library one) aaaaaaand... error 0x005004e occurs. I tried reinstalling the software, setting it up in safe mode, but still the drive doesn't want to be used as a cache for a specific drive... Any ideas?
  7. Reduce keyboard clicks on Discord

    Hello, I've bought a Corsair K66 keyboard, since my Razer one was getting on my nerves. The keyboard is great and is by all means not quiet, as most of the mechanical ones. I'm also using Reloop S-Podcaster on an arm as my microphone and i was wondering if anyone of you know any tricks I could use to eliminate or at least reduce the keyboard clicks my friends hear whenever I type - Discord is set on speech detection and I'd prefer to leave it that way instead of switching to push-to-talk. Changing any of my hardware is NOT an option.
  8. Sudden PC freezes @ BIOS

    No, there wasn't. However, I did manage to get it working - I removed the battery for almost an hour, the PC was disconnected from any source of power, reconnected everything and the BIOS recovery kicked in, so all is good now.
  9. Sudden PC freezes @ BIOS

    disconnecting the drives and booting with a bare minimum did nothing. The only thing that "changed" is the fact that the screen goes black after a minute or so after showing me a splash screen.
  10. Sudden PC freezes @ BIOS

    Quick update, since I was moving to new apartment and didn't have much time to work on my PC - whenever the PC is turned off and I switch off the PSU, then turn it back on and turn the PC on, it turns off on it's own and turns back on and hangs on BIOS screen again.
  11. Sudden PC freezes @ BIOS

    Well, the mobo does have a dual bios...
  12. Sudden PC freezes @ BIOS

    Just hangs on splash screen forever.
  13. Sudden PC freezes @ BIOS

    As I wrote before, I don't have any other parts to test them. The CPU is being OCed by default by this motherboard and being cooled by the part listed in my signature.
  14. Sudden PC freezes @ BIOS

    Hi everyone, I need help - I'm losing my mind about it. I have my beloved PC Steambox (all parts in my signature) and it started causing me problems since yesterday. I left the PC powered on to finish downloading some important data for my work and it restarted on it's own. I shut it down and restarted it again and the problem is that it gets stuck on BIOS screen - the only thing I see is the Gigabyte screen. Keyboard is not responding. What I tried to do so far: I reseated the RAM, I tried each stick at the time, reseated the battery - no change. I need his PC up and running ASAP, since I need it to work... Unfortunately, I don't have any spare parts to test my PC and I don't have any cash for replacement parts...
  15. Freshly built PC stopped posting

    Well, problem "solved" - the issue has been found, at least. Quick glance at the motherboard's manual showed me that there are supposed to be two led lights on the mobo. None of them were lit and that indicates the problem with CPU or the chipset. I checked the CPU on the other mobo and it was working fine, so I guess that this motherboard decided to finally give up on me. Case closed, gotta find a new one in my pile of parts if my friend is willing to pay a little more.