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  1. HP Compaq DC7900 freeze after mem check

    Already trashed. Got some parts out of it though, so it wasn't a total waste of my time.
  2. HP Compaq DC7900 freeze after mem check

    All looks fine to me
  3. HP Compaq DC7900 freeze after mem check

    Close, yours is SFF one, mine is a CFT one.
  4. HP Compaq DC7900 freeze after mem check

    Same thing happens.
  5. Hi, so I got this old PC from my coworker and I thought that it would be cool to upgrade it a little bit. I didn't disasseble it too much for now, I just wanted to run some tests to see if the PC even works properly after so much time hidden in the closet. Well, it shows some promise, but even more problems right now. The PC starts booting, the memory test runs and the screen shows: HP Compaq dc7900 Convertible Minitower v01.18 <F9=Boot Menu> <F10=Setup> <F12=Network> The keyboad responds within the first few seconds - after that screen hangs, and pressing F9 or F10 triggers the option but leads nowhere (still hangs) - then the PC freezes. The same thing happens if I just wait without pressing any key – PC freezes. I checked all the cables, the memory (no HDD atm). I reseated the battery and cleared the CMOS. The problem is that I cannot reach BIOS or read any CD/USB flash drives, so I cannot do much more at the moment. Any suggestions?
  6. LG TV burn-in picture problem

    Well, I'll try that jscreenfix.com as soon as I can lay my hands on one of them.
  7. LG TV burn-in picture problem

    No idea, I also thought that this problem was only regarding plasma and OLED displays...
  8. LG TV burn-in picture problem

    They just wanted good looking TVs for a good price, and at the time they were a good price.
  9. Hi everyone, I work in IT department and recently my company decided to replace the TVs we've been using for viewing our systems statuses. They decided to go for something bigge. The TV they're getting rid of are LG 55LA620S models, so nice, big screens. I was told that if I'm lucky, I could buy out of of those so they won't be sold to some scrapping company. The issue with those TVs is that they have some burnt-in pictures in them, probably because of the static pictures showed on them for 12+ hours per day. It's nothing visible at the fist glance, but if one comes closer, the pictures are visible and would make gaming or movie watching difficult. Does anyone know any way of fixing this issue?
  10. So the miner just adds new balance in the meantime, but it will appear after about two weeks on externat wallet? Alright, I hope it will show up in the next week or so then.
  11. Hi, So I set up a NiceHashMiner app the other day, just for testing purposes, since my boss actually wants to build himself a mining PC in the near future. So I set up everything on Coinbase, copied the wallet to the app, benchmarked it in NiceHashMiner and left it for a while. The app shows the balance of 1 mBTC (I know it's not a lot, remember - testing purposes only). However, Coinbase doesn't show any balance - it should show 0.0001BTC by now. Am I missing something? Is the whole balance stored somewhere else before it is sent to my wallet on Coinbase?
  12. There is no such option as fast boot on this MOBO. Found the solution - the CMOS battery itself was causing the trouble. Changed it to a new one, problem disappeared.
  13. Checked it with another PSU, same result. So no idea how to fix this?
  14. Seasonic 500W - the worst case scenario, 100% load of this system (all USB ports occupied, both CPU and GPU usage at 100%, all other deviced in use) is 444W.
  15. OS doesn't matter, the issue occurs even without the drive plugged in.