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  1. Yeah, well, I did that before even making this post and they told me that since it's out of warranty they are unable to help me. Of course I told them that I'm willing to pay for the parts, but it's still a no. My friend wants to sell this wheel, but I doubt if someone will buy a steering wheel that is working "only" in 90%.
  2. Hello, Recently I received my friend's Ferrari F430 Force Feedback steering wheel. The product is working almost perfectly, besides the small problem - the downshifter is not working. I checked if it's the problem with the drivers, however everything is fine - it seems that the button is physically malfunctioning. Is there a way to get a replacement for the broken one or to fix the existing one? I've been looking for parts but I couldn't find anything...
  3. In the end, I guess that'll be my option.
  4. I'll look for it. Thx for the tip.
  5. Yes, they are working as well, but I get a notification that the processors' power rating is not supported and the system is halted. Even though the initial startup and memory check is ok. So basically everything is in working condition and I'm just having a compatibility issue here that I want to bypass somehow. And I don't think that this will be as easy as updating the BIOS, though...
  6. Those CPUs run just fine, I just want more than 8c/16t.
  7. Hello, some time ago my company was getting rid of old electronics: servers, UPSes, laptops, PCs, you name it. Employees were able to buy them out for a small change and I was one of them - I got my hands on a Dell R710. Before I physically got it, I knew that it will have 2x quad core Xeons. Because I wanted more cores, I ordered myself a pair of hexacore Xeons aaaaaand... I may pulled the trigger too soon. I finally got it last week and ti turns out that it may not work with those CPUs I ordered and received about two months ago, since there were two generations of R710 boards - gen I being able to work with 95W CPUs and gen II, which works with up to 130W TDP CPUs. Guess which mine is... So the issue at hand is this: I can't return those CPUs because too much time passed since I received them - I'd rather have them work somehow with the server. Is it possible to force the server to cooperate with this motherboard?
  8. Like I wrote before, I was testing it with another PSU. The problem has been solved - it was a bad VRM that has been replaced.
  9. Hello, my colleague got himself into mining. After two years, he decided to sell his GPUs except for one, change the CPU to something decent and game on it. However, the motherboard started acting up. While having all power connectors required hooked up, the computer doesn't start up at all. Strangely enough, with 8pin disconnected the fans spin. I've tried different CPU, PSU - same result. Anyone have an idea what could be the issue here? The motherboard was working fine with single GPU up to this moment.
  10. Alright, I found a solution to my problem and potentially for every Lumia phone with similar symptoms - the key is downloading two crucial apps - WDRT and OTC updater. The full guide on how to make this all work is posted on Reddit by Brassdude, link below:
  11. A small update - I managed to get my phone to install a 1703 update (probably by a sheer luck, but still), but it went to spinning gears and a sad face again after attempting an update to 1709. I don't want to use WDRT again, because this will ruin all my previous efforts and revert it back to 1511, but the hard reset doesn't seem to work for some reason... Any idea what to do now?
  12. Nope, the same result - the gears would spin, the progress bar goes half way and the phone restarts to the loop again... Can't update it even to 1607. I'm stuck with 1511.
  13. I'll try the hard reset, but I think I did that already and it didn't help. And as far as I know it did get a support - my colleague lent me his 950 XL (only it was a Dual Sim) and it got all the updates I mentioned.
  14. Hi, before I'll write my problem - this is a post where I'm looking for a help with solving my problem, not to read about changing the phone - hope this will prevent some potential offtopic. OK? OK. I got myself a Lumia 950 XL to play with W10M - even though the support has ended couple days ago. I got it with a docking station to connect it to a screen, keyboard and mouse and use it's Continuum functionality, which would be a great help in my cluttered workspace I have at home. Lastly - this phone is to serve me as a backup in case I broke my main one. Now, what's the problem: the phone is working fine on it's own, the problem begins when I try installing the updates - MS said that they do not plan to remove the updates from their servers and they really are still there for me to download them. I do download them, they install themselves, but when the phone restarts and those gears appear, after about a minute or so - a sad face ( :-( ) appears and the phone falls into loop - it restarts itself, gears appear again and then a sad face. Restart and repeat. I managed to restore the phone by using Windows Device Recovery Tool (even though the phone was recognised as Lumia BootMGR) and tried again. Once again, the same situation. So, WDRT again and phone is working again. There are three major updates to install on the phone - the 1607, the 1703 and 1709 ones. I got it to install the 1703 once, but the sad face appear during the installation of the 1709 one. I also tried installing the updates by using OverTheCable updater, but all it does is downloading the updates to PC and then transferring them to the phone - ofc, same result - brick, WDRT, working phone. Does anyone have any idea what can one do in this situation? I cannot cancel downloading those updates since the phone is connected to the WiFi and I want to have the latest ones installed on the device and be done with them.
  15. Are you asking me or stating a fact? This isn't ideal for me at all, since it will require opening the doors and leaving them open every time I hooked up Oculus.