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  1. I just got a new Corsair H60 AIO (using a noctua PWM fan which is silent), and the pump is locked at 4.040 RPM. It's making an extremely loud noise because of this. The pump only has a 3pin cable, but watching others with the same problem with the exact same noise issue I get from my pump, it will stop at <3400 RPM. So how would I go about changing the RPM? Preferably without changing the voltage, if possible. Thanks (Mobo: ROG B360-F)
  2. Norway, primary shop is Komplett.no. Budget; I would probably pay up to 45$ if the fan was superb. This could mean potentially paying for shipping importing one from Amazon.com. Ideally a fan around 30$ for the fan itself I'd say sounds fair. I've tried to buy some noctua coolers in the past, turned out my case wasn't wide enough. Could barely fit the Vega 64. If I replace the liquid cooler I'll have to find a new case fan to use as exhaust anyways. My guess is that it's easier to just replace the fan on it, as the pump isn't making any noise I can hear. If I stop the fan with my figer for a moment, the pc is dead quiet. Rm650x in no fan mode, GPU in no fan mode. No HDDs.
  3. I've replaced just about everything that made noise in my pc case except from the old Cooler Master fan that came with the liquid cooling kit for my i7 4820k. It does a great job, 30c at idle and 55 under high load, but it's not very quiet. Looks and price aside; what's the most quiet 120mm 4 pin fan I can buy for my CPU? It doesn't have to move the most amount of air, but you know, enough to at least keep it from overheating. I'm willing to sacrifice a little bit of performance for noise reduction.