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Ishit Singh

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    Ishit Singh got a reaction from Stroxtile in Logitech G Hub Discord integration isn't working   
    The recent G Hub v2020.4.47660 update fixed Discord integration bug.
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    Ishit Singh got a reaction from Ben17 in App stuck in loading but fixed after rebooting PC, should I be worried about corrupted data?   
    My Motherboard audio driver requires me to use Nahimic and its really buggy software. I was messing around with some settings and once i increased my mic boost to max and closed the app, after opening it again it was stuck in loading. I waited for few mins but it was still stuck so I rebooted my PC, doing that fixed Nahimic and is working fine.

    So far i haven't noticed any problem but i'm worried that because it was stuck in loading, it might have caused some corrupted file or anything similar.

    Should I be worried about this even thought it is working normally? Are Windows application this easy to break?

    Uninstalling and reinstalling this application isn't an option because it's extremely hard to uninstall, If I want to then I also have to uninstall Realtek audio driver and delete many registry files which is kinda scarry for a PC newb. There are many post about how hard it is to completely uninstall this app.

    Should I just ignore the fact that it was stuck in loading since it's working normally right now?

    I posted the same question in MSI Forum and got this response.

    "It happens to me sometimes. What you can do instead of restarting is stop the Nahimic service, end all Nahimic processes running and restart the Nahimic service."
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    Ishit Singh got a reaction from Erkore in Logitech G Hub Discord integration isn't working   
    After formatting PC and reinstalling Logitech G hub, G Hub refuse to work with Discord integration. I used to use G9 button as mute/unmute.
    Whenever I click enable Discord integration it disable itself after 1-2 sec and even if I somehow enable it (by clicking enable over and over), G Hub says "please launch discord" and once I launch it, it disable itself again. I never get G Hub authorized app popup in discord.
    I never got this issue before and it's not even first time I formatted my PC. I even tried installing G Hub in my old laptop and strangely G Hub doesn't work in it either.
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    Ishit Singh got a reaction from glenalz81 in Few FPS dropped in gaming, is this sign of gpu damage?   
    Yeah I should stop worrying about this, I'm really overprotective over my pc since it cost me almost 2k and its my first desktop, in past I used to only have laptops. Thanks guys for ending my doubts.