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  1. I don't think its margin of error because I ran crystaldiskmark 10-15 times and my speed never exceed above 2220MB/s now but it always did before reinstalling Samsung Magician
  2. Right after I reinstalled Samsung Magician my write speed dropped from 2350 to averaging around 2190-2220. What should I do to bring the speed back to how it used to?
  3. I should've explained in more detail. At first I didn't wanted to reinstall this software just because I selected GDPR but I still ran the setup wizard just out of curiosity and selected "override the previous installation". Right when I noticed Samsung Magician isn't in system tray nor running in background I panicked and closed the setup wizard. After checking its directory folder I noticed the application was still there nothing was changed so I then ran setup again and reinstalled it. What i'm worried about is because I closed the setup mid way last time, will it cause this software to not work properly?
  4. I'm aware of that but the same thing happened with Nahimic software. It was installed and was running fine at start but later it stopped outputting audio. I'm worried that Samsung Magician might stop working just like how Nahimic did after few days. What should I do if I ever get an issue with this application in future?
  5. No, there doesn't seem to be any visible problem currently but I'm worried that I might end up having one in the future since I didn't reinstalled this application the proper way. As I said above I closed the setup wizard right after the "Please wait" popup which closes Samsung Magician in background and then later ran the setup wizard again after finding no difference in Samsung Magician installed directory.
  6. I was trying to reinstall Samsung Magician because I miss clicked to "I live in European Country" which I'm definitely not from after updating it. After running the setup wizard I selected "override the previous installation" I later got this popup which seems to close Samsung Magician.exe which was running in the background, I don't really know what other changes it did in order to reinstall this software and so i panicked and closed the setup wizard after it was done. I even installed Samsung Magician in my extremely old laptop and tried to replicate the same thing I did in my desktop but I got this error instead I then uninstalled Samsung Magician from Control panel and reinstalled it again in my old laptop but this time I stopped Samsung Magician from running in background and this popup took only 1 seconds instead of 5-10, so does it mean that this specific popup purpose is only to close Samsung Magician software which was running in background and nothing else? The normal setup wizard runs after that popup I'm worried and making this post because I had a terrible experience reinstalling a software in the past called Nahimic audio driver, I tried everything but I was never able to get my audio running and in the end people in MSI forum said "the only option left is to reinstall windows". So did I messed up the software reinstall in my desktop? Does that popup mentioned above actually does more than just closing the Samsung Magician instance?
  7. This is what I read when I was googling about Samsung Magician GDPR This post seems to be 2 year old now so maybe Samsung changed it.
  8. I did some googling and people posted that GDPR version doesn't allow users to update there firmware. This is what I see when I go to update section, does this mean the version of Samsung Magician installed in my PC isn't following GDPR rules?
  9. What is the difference between GDPR and non GDPR Samsung Magician software and is there's a way to tell whether the current version of Samsung Magician installed is following GDPR rules or not?
  10. Does anyone else get a blinking cursor at top left whenever they boot there PC? I started noticing it after switching from HDMI to Displayport. My Motherboard is MSI B450 Carbon Pro AC and GPU is RTX 2080
  11. Is anyone else facing similar issue on GHUB v2020.7.62821 update with Discord integration or is it just me? Desktop_2020_09.01_-_21_59_36_03_DVR.mp4
  12. G Hub v2020.6.58918 made Discord Integration to not work again. This bug started 4 months ago which they fixed it on v2020.4.47660 update and now its back. Here's link to that old post- Now it says "Please Install Discord" I've waited for 6 days thinking they'll fix the bug but it didn't happened yet.
  13. It's max refresh rate is 72hz and has VA panel. This is Monitor model no: LC27F591FDNXZA
  14. It seems to be working only if max FPS is under 50 or at 50, if it goes 60 or above I start getting screen tears
  15. [Update] Adaptive sync seems to be working if Max FPS is under 50 but whenever I set it to 60 or above I start getting screen tears
  16. Sorry but I can't find preferred monitor technology under 3D-Settings
  17. Yes I did but whenever I set it to Standard engine the Pendulum demo never switches to G-sync mode, it switch back to G-sync when its running on Ultimate engine
  18. My monitor doesn't restart itself after I enable Adaptive Sync in Nvidia Control Panel and when I tested G-Sync in Nvidia Pendulum demo I still see screen tear. What should I do to fix this? These are the settings I enabled for Adaptive sync Here's screen tear image with Adaptive Sync enabled [Update] Adaptive sync seems to be working if Max FPS is under 50 or at 50 but whenever I set it to 60 or above I start getting screen tears
  19. Due to heavy rain today my house experienced a lot voltage fluctuations which caused my PC to restart itself even though I have a decent UPS. I'm worried that this might've caused some hardware damage. So far my PC seems to be running normal but i'm not sure if it will in the long run. Should I be worried about this and try to find if there's any damage (if there's a way to find it) or leave it as it is? This PC i have cost me around 1.5k that's why i'm worried.
  20. I noticed after recent Geforce Experience update that it isn't saving any old settings or the settings that game comes as default. I wonder this bug happened not because of recent update but because my PC randomly restarted itself due to voltage fluctuation even though I have a decent PSU. After rebooting I noticed that my chrome theme was set to default and saw wallpaper engine "ended unexpectedly" error. Did random restart corrupted some background apps and there data which lead to Geforce Experience behaving this way? Can anyone help me out? Here's before and after screen shot of Geforce Experience "Optimize" and "Revert optimize" settings Before Optimization: (The default settings/settings before optimization was applied) After optimization: (Can't revert settings back to there default/before "optimization" state, the settings stays the same after clicking "Revert settings")
  21. I'm installing these games straight from local steam backup, there's no download involved. Yeah I hope nothing broke when my PC randomly restarted.
  22. I noticed i'm getting random Write drops after my PC restarted itself due to voltage fluctuation even though I have a decent UPS. Even Steam now says 0 seconds remaining while installing games from backup, is there's a way to fix this?