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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking to build a small home server to use as NAS for media server (Plex) and i'd like to build apps and run apps of it. I'd like to have some input if hardware is right/enough for it. case : Node 304 (really like fractal, but idk if there will be an updated version of this soon... and 804 is a little to big for my needs I think) motherboard : not sure, whatever is cheapest to run ryzen. CPU : 2600/3600 or 3200g . IDK if the 3200g will be enough to run and build stuff all at the same time. GPU : will depend if Choose 3200g or 2600/3600 ram : 8 or 16? does frequency mather if its not for gaming? PSU : 500w 80+ bronze, ill get something with the biggest discount at the time of buying. Storage : m.2 ssd samsung 250-500 gb Do i need NAS drive, of standard drive will do? For the OS, not sure IF i should get Windows and Run VMs of it Or should I go for Ubuntu ? or another distro maybe? I have IT background, so the administration of which ever plateform doesnt scare me too much. I have my thoughts about my build, but i'd like some input regarding the use case. Thanks !