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  1. There is no 3700... The eight-core AMD new CPUs are 3700x and 3800x.
  2. Yes. Sometimes it's good to expend a few more bucks in a good high end cpu to make it last 7 or 8 years. If you buy something mid tier, you'll have to upgrade in a few years. I7 5820k was one of the best cpus to buy back when it was released.
  3. There it's at 4.5GHz. Almost the same performance than the R5 2600(x). It's still an awesome processor, matching a only 1 y/o cpu. If anyone have it, you can keep it for at least 4 or 5 years without any problem.
  4. You can but it's not 100% sure that you'll be able to get max frecuency. I have two kits of 2x8gb 3600Mhz C18. When I use 1 kit of 2x8 (16gb) I can get the rated DOCP profile no problem. When I installed the same second kit (4x8=32gb) I could only get 3400MHz on the four sticks. This is because is more stressful for the motherboard to OC 4 sticks rather than 2. It will work but you'll have to pray to the silicon lottery to see if you can push all of them to the rated speed when they are together. At the end, if the rated frencuency is REALLY important for you, get new 2x16gb instead of buying the kit you already have and using 4 sticks. Good luck!
  5. If we look at youtube benchmarks, when OC to 4.5GHz it's almost the same as a Ryzen 5 2600/2600X, not close to the R5 3600X. If you do not belive me, search on youtuve i7 5820k vs R5 2600 and you'll be a le to see a lot of comparition videos. Neverthe less, it's still a good CPU for gaming if you overclock it. Do what he says, push it as far as you can (4,2-4,5GHz) and you should have no bottleneck problem if you pair it with something like a RTX 2070. Your processor still have what it takes. Good luck, mate!
  6. Try in the indicated in your motherboard manual for 1 stick (is should be the one in the far right). If it won't boot, try in another slot just to check if it's not the slot that died.
  7. Ok, the go with one stick at the time and good luck.
  8. But, again, try first with the hdd/ssd plugged and with one stick at the time until you can go into the windows creation tool. Remember to set everything to default in the bios after each hardware change.
  9. No. If both are faulty you won't know if the problem are both sticks or another thing in the hardware. To be more sure about if it's the ram, if it doesn't boot with either of them, unplugg all your hdd/ssd from the motherboard and try booting again, one stick at the time, to the usb stick with the windows creation tool. If now it boots, the problem is/are the hdd/ssd, if it does not boot, at least you know is the hdd/ssd.
  10. Yes, all appear in the bios but refused to boot into windows creation tool with one specific stick, doesn't matter in which slot did I put it. I had to leave it out. Maybe is not the same problem as mine but sounds familiar. Try initiating windows creation tool with it only one stick at the time until you find the one that makes the pc crash. If so, then is the stick.
  11. Set default settings inside the bios and turn off the pc. Take out all sticks and try only with one at the time until you find the one that doesn't let you load windows media tool.
  12. I had almost the same problem and it was a faulty ram stick. I could go into bios but not into windows, neither into windows creation tool. Take out all your ram sticks and try one at the time, alone and, in the worst case, in different slots. I managed to find the faulty one and take it out. After that, windows installer worked out fine.
  13. As He says, plug your power cables to the GPU. That should be the problem. In the photo you show us, there are any power cables attached to your GPU. If that does not work, then I'm not sure.
  14. No one really knows. If it keeps the same schedule of the last two releases, it should be between july and september of 2020.
  15. Hello, man. You have a nice configuration. My advice is to keep everything you already have as it is. When Ryzen 4xxx comes out, update your BIOS, buy the 8 core replacement of your 1700 (¿4700X?) and you are done for 5 more years. Good luck.