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  1. guys i have an alienware aurora r8 with the rtx 2080 OC , when i play games like fortnite and latest games on highest settings i get 82 gpu temp is this normal ???? i worry + I game on 2560x1440 resolution on msi monitor 31 inch
  2. i logged in normally and my game wasnt there and my username was changed .. unfortunatley i had to take my account down and uninstalled uplay , switching to steam
  3. i went to try reactivate the game via the keycode but it said that it is registered with another account .. lesson learned next time buy direct from steam
  4. hi guys yesterday i just bought rainbow six siege yesterday everything was i fine i played with no problems today i logged in and rainbow six wasnt there anymore , and my username was changed to guest-aiyeJSck from brandsdbest21 is there any solutions ?
  5. @DoctorNick is that cooler compatible with RTX 2080 MSI Aero OC 8gb??
  6. So i was playing assasins creed odyssey on MAX Settings WITH 2k RESOLUTION , on auto fans i was hitting 85 C which is preety high , so i installed msi after burner and setup a fan curve , i setup the fan to go 80% speed when reaches 80 C and the temp wont go up more than 70 C , What bothers me : will this process damage the fan?
  7. @BigRom so its possible for double gpu's?
  8. Yes you are probably right but when i see high temperatures i kinda worry
  9. Setting a more aggressive fan curve wont damage or harm the fan or the card right ? @Crunchy Dragon
  10. Playing Assassins creed odyssey with 2560x1440 resolution MAX graphics , and im using RTX 2080 8gb oc ( msi aero ) , is it safe playing on 82 c ? and is it normal ? max it went up to 83 nothing more
  11. this is my gpu it look preety similar , take a look
  12. hi guys i have an rtx 2080 OC 8gb , i opened my case just to see which model i have but unfortunately on it there wasn't any logos , is there a method on how to view my model FOR EXAMPLE Gigabyte or asus