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    Bracebridge, Ontario
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    Anime, Gaming and computers


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    Ryzen 7 1700X @4.0Ghz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS ROG STRIX X470 F Gaming
  • RAM
    32GB Trident Z RGB @3200Mhz
  • GPU
    Sapphire Radeon RX 480 8GB OC (1306Mhz) (place holder till Navi or Vega56 is $500cad or cheaper)
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    Coolermaster H500M
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    WD 512GB NVMe for OS, Crucial MX300 1.05TB m.2 for games
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    Corsair RMx 850
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    Coolermaster ML360R
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    Coolermaster CM Storm Quickfire Ultimate Reds
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    Logitech G703
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    Win 10 Pro
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  1. So, if i call up Trump everyday and tell him he's an idiot, my credit score will be really good right?
  2. Man, I use to game on a system with a Matrox GPU back in my teens! An 8MB beast! Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Wing Commander Prophecy, Command and Conquer, good times!
  3. Not sure if its still a problem, but the only reason I keep it in BS mode was due to the weather application. For some reason it would ignore the DNRIB settings and was draining my battery. This was back when the W10M first came to the Lumia 830, so I am not sure if its been resolved. Before the W10M, i could get 2-3 days without BS mode with medium-light use, granted BT, NFC and usually my wifi was off. W10M seems to have much better power management, as i can get that same endurance without turning my wifi off.
  4. If it helps, I get 3 days plus on my Lumia 830, and im a light user. Some youtube, texting, an hour per day mobile hotspot, light web browsing. Battery saver is always on, and ive manually set things to not run in the background.
  5. 560TI. Plan on getting the RX480 soon, so if I wins one, all the better!
  6. Pair an echo location system that uses ultra sonics? Low level radar? Thermal imaging? If Lidar can be compromised, then having a secondary means or even a tertiary means to determine if the Lidar is being trolled could be the solution. Im sure they will find a way to fix this issue.
  7. A penis extension isnt enough anymore! Lets give it a sac too! Def not what i was expecting when i read the title.
  8. You may also want to make sure that your USB controller drivers are compatible. You dont want to end up with an unusable computer like i did. At least the roll back to the previous OS is painless and pretty quick if something isnt compatible.
  9. I just used the Media Creation Tool to upgrade my Win7 to win 10 yesterday. The upgrade went smoothly for the most part- there were no hardware issues and the only software that was incompatible was the windows virtual pc which i used once, so it was no big deal. After my first login to the fresh win 10, I was happy that everything seemed to be working as it's supposed to. I began setting up the Mail/Calendar, xbox, groove and video apps- thats where the problems started for me. It turns out that if you have a local account you cant use any of the apps associated with the store/modern ui, and i could not manually log into my M$ account to access them- every time I clicked on the log in link, the window would pop up then crash immediately. Ok, guess I'll set up my account to my M$ account then...... Nope, the window pops up and crashes. So I figured I'd restart my PC as that has helped fix some problems on my ASUS tablet with Win10. After a restart, windows loaded up and I went to change my account over, but my mouse wasn't working..... battery dead? Nope. Wait, my logitech keyboard isn't lit up? WFT? Since the mouse receiver is located in the Hub in the keyboard, then that's why the mouse isn't working. Lets try a different port, so I switched it from one of my front USB 2.0 ports to one of the 3.0 ports. Still no good? The hell? Hard reset it is then! Keyboard lights up at post, good sign, but as Windows begins to load, it goes dark! USB ports shut off. Shit, restart did nothing. Ok, all's not lost, I still have some ps2 peripherals lying around. Another hard shut down, hook up my ps2 mouse, restart. USB ports go dark as windows loads again, but the ps2 mouse is all good. Check the device manager, and all the USB hub devices are flagged. Try to auto update the drivers, and it tells me that the drivers installed are up to date. So I uninstall all the USB controllers, rescan hardware, still flagged. Next I visit ASUS for drivers. No windows 10 drivers for my board, so I download the USB 3 drivers and AMD chipset drivers for win7/8.1 64bit and install them. Nothing, USB controllers are still flagged and no power is going to any of my USB devices. At a loss, I decide to role back to Win 7. At least that was painless and quick. So, has anyone else run into this issue(with this board or any other system)? If so, was there a work around for it other than switching over to ps2 peripherals and an add in USB card or sticking with win 7? I wasn't expecting to have to roll back after only 2hrs, let alone over a problem with USB.
  10. The only thing I need to know is: Will these underpants protect me from the monsters in the wilds of Velen?