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  1. Damn 2020 is pretty bad for me. Changed PSU power cable to the manufacturer supplied cable and while I was changing it I hear very faint hissing type of noise from inside the psu. The psu switch is flipped off and the sound still comes. It only goes away if I pull the power plug entirely. The sound can be heard only if I put my ears against the exhaust of the psu. Note the PSU switch is off but mains power is on and the cable is connected. Only PSU is connected and all other appliances in the vicinity are off.
  2. As stated in the title. I live in an area which uses 220V mains. My PSU is a Antec EAG PRO 750 and system pulls approximately 300W on full stress.
  3. If its the same as the one you linked it will work just fine. The header can support two usb 3.1/3.0 connections afaik. For usb thumb drives it will work okay but I will recommend to use the back ports for external hdd/ssd.
  4. In my motherboard which pcie ports are controlled by the cpu and which ones by the chipset? I just shifted my Asus wifi card from the bottom x1 slot to the second x16 to route a usb 3 cable from the bottom slot of cabinet. I was wondering if it would cause any issues in future. The GPU runs okay @Pcie x16 3.0 and wifi is also working. This is my motherboard: https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X570 phantom Gaming 4/index.asp
  5. Just got confirmation from Seasonic that the newer Antec EAG's are based on the Focus GM Platform.
  6. So the Antec EAG Pro 750 I bought is based on the first generation of Focus Gold PSU most probably, the cables don't have any capacitors and the Antec website mentions ATX 2.42 compliant. Will this be an issue, I might add a 2060 super like card in the future
  7. I personally trust Deepcool cooling products. They have a pretty decent warranty which ensures your PC parts in case of a leak.
  8. HD Sentinel shows some message about wear level indicator The status of the solid state disk is PERFECT. Problematic or weak sectors were not found. The TRIM feature of the SSD is supported and enabled for optimal performance. The health is determined by SSD specific S.M.A.R.T. attribute(s): #177 Wear Leveling Count No actions needed.
  9. My Samsung 860 Evo write speed in benchmark dropped to 400ish. Previous it used to be 490-530. Ssd is 21% full out of 208gb(total 232gb size) 23gb was overprovisioned by me. It is my boot drive and no such programs are Installed on it that would cause slowdown.
  10. So is it normal for a new PSU to have a kind of new electronics smell. It comes when PSU fan is on and psu has heated up a bit. Its not a burning smell but rather a heated oil type of smell, I can smell it when I bring my nose closer to the exhaust of the psu. Psu is a Antec EAG Pro 750 which is a rebranded Seasonic Focus Gold 750
  11. At first I need a better case. Then I will try to do some decent cable management.
  12. Can anyone give any tips to do a better cable management? Was in a hurry to get oc running so just shove everything inside the psu hideout. Inside looks okay, behind the motherboard tray is ghastly
  13. Broke a tiny part of the Right angled notch on the sata power connector of my 860 evo. The ssd works fine. gets good speeds as before. Now will this tiny damage void warranty?
  14. Installed the new PSU. Seems to work fine with the UPS.
  15. I will RMA the corsair and exchange it with the retailer for a beefier unit.
  16. IKR, thats why I got that. Same performance less power hungry. The issue started one month after getting the 1660s.
  17. So ehat should I do now? RMA the CX and get a beefier unit or just RMA and continue using the CX? By any chance is the psu underpowered? I used a 1070 from December to May before moving to a 1660s.
  18. Can anyone help me with diagnosing the issue with my psu? For 10-11months psu worked great with my UPS, but recently started having issues. Issue started with usb ports resetting for a split second when there is a power fluctuation. Then after a month it started having issues with the PSU completely shutting down when there is a power cut and ups switched to battery backup mode. Initially I thought it was a UPS issue so I got a APC BX1100C but that too gave same issue. As Mr Jon Gerow said in a forum that max psu dont have issue with stepped sinewave ups so I think thats not an issue here. is somehow my psu damaged? PSU after shutdown didn’t restart immediately, I had to reset the switch on the back to start it. On mains power it works okay as psu will naturally shutdown in a power cut or a power fluctuation.
  19. @LukeSavenije I just ordered an Antec Earthwatt Gold Pro 750(Based on Seasonic Focus Gold) its a 2020 Manufactured unit. Should I worry about it? My pc uses a 1660s with a Ryzen 3500
  20. Yes its a smol boi indeed, but the full 450w made me to believe that it should be ok. It handled it well for a year or less with a 1070 but now with a 1660s it started having issues. Though I doubt gpu is the issue.
  21. From past few months I have started to face a lot of issue with my pc. It all started with my mouse led flickering when there is a power fluctuation. From there it went to issue with UPS No. 1 (further referred as microtek) which I changed to APC but it exhibited more or less the same issue. The issue was psu not responding quickly to the ups switching to battery backup from mains and vice versa. Some say its main capacitor holding time issue but system was not consuming full wattage of PSU so holdup time should be higher. Mind it same issue of shutdown on switchback to mains from battery was not seen when system was idle. Another issue was the psu shutting down automatically when ups switched from battery to mains once the psu even shutdown when ups(apc) was supplying mains power through itself and pc was just on the desktop doing nothing. Some said it was related to stepped Sinewave and apfc but if that was the case it shouldn't have worked with the UPS(microtek) for 10months or shouldn't have shutdown while ups(apc) was on mains mode. So does this translate to a faulty psu or just my bad luck with UPS? As both ups exhibit more or less the same problem. PC specs in signature. If you need any more info please feel free to comment. I wrote this in a hurry so there maybe some grammatical mistakes.
  22. RMA is an option but the wait times are high now @15days approx. So I wanted to get a backup psu for the time being so that I can attend my online meetings with my employer. I will RMA the unit when I get some free time as its in warranty till 2023
  23. Is the MWE V2 Bronze 650(MPE-6501-ACAAB) okay psu? Its in my budget of INR6000. Also one thing I forgot to mention when UPS switches back from battery to mains PSU turns off. I hope its not the UPS as its new and already replaced once by APC with a new unit.
  24. Yes wiring is okay, I checked with multimeter. Live to earth was showing same voltage as live to neutral. Neutral to earth was showing 0V. Also the PSU just now tripped in UPS mains supply mode while at Desktop with me just moving the mouse.