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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5
  • Motherboard
    Aorus-AX370-Gaming 5
  • RAM
    G.Skill Ripjaws V @3000
  • GPU
    Windforce 1070 OC
  • Case
    Spec 05
  • Storage
    860 evo + Wd Blue 1tb
  • PSU
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    Benq GW2480 @75

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  1. Will this case be able to hold a ATX Mobo with a beefy 800g cooler in place? The case is quite compact and has good radiator support. Its made by a local company and the steel thickness is same as a CM Mb511. The thing that bothers me is the big cutout behind the mobo which extends past the Screw holes.
  2. I am on F41 which is the bios after F40(the original with 3xxx support), the other ones are F42a and F50a beta bios.
  3. I have 2400g, ordered a 3500. So should I reset bios before installing 3500 or will it automatically reset itself?
  4. Today suddenly my ax370 mobo decided not to boot up. I tried for a hour and then removed rams. Now it started but reverted to backup bios F31 and gave memory error code on boot. I tried the usual change slot technique and it then magically reverted bios back to F40 and resetted itself. But now when I applied XMP settings it pooped itself and gave memory error with 3 beeps pause 3 beeps and shutdown. I then tried 1 stick at a time and booted with a single stick successfully with xmp. And now added a second stick and doing memory test on windows gave no errors. Can anyone tell if this is a particular issue with Gigabyte Motherboards? The ram is now working fine @3000 1.35v. its Gskill ripjaws V. Btw why and how did it revert the bios? Buggy bios version? I was on F40 when this happened but now updated to F41 as suggested by a Gigabyte RMA centre.
  5. Making 100s of slides in PowerPoint
  6. Which one should I go for? 3500 is Asia exclusive. Also known as 3500x outside Asia. I use my pc for gaming and office works like typing long ass essays and project works. Sometimes Occasionally I do some editing in Photoshop. I play muliplayer games like apex legends, pubg, battlefield and single player Nfs titles ans assassins creed titles. My current system is: 2400g + ax370 gaming + gtx 1070 + ripjaws V 3000 16gb + samsung 860 and 1tb wd blue Now coming to the pricing. 3500 is $140 and 3600 is $199. Is it worth to pay the extra $59 for hyper threading?
  7. Kailh is better than Cherry? Plus that kb is $120 here. Won't spend more than $100. Also what is standard bottom row?
  8. I am looking at these two particular keyboard at sub $100 price range new. The MSI is around 90usd and Corsair is 99usd. Both have same specs Cherry MX Red RGB, full.nkro, software control, per key rgb. The build of MSI is far superior than Corsair though with light bar on corners. But the diffusion rgb of Corsair is better. So which one should I go for? Both look good enough and I can add pudding on msi. 1. MSI VIGOR GK80 RED RGB https://www.msi.com/Gaming-gear/VIGOR-GK80-RED-GAMING-KEYBOARD 2. Corsair K68 RGB MX Red https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Keyboards/k68-config-na/p/CH-9102010-NA
  9. Out of these which one would you gys suggest? Corsair k68 rgb Mx Red. Asus Strix RoG Scope Mx Red. Xpg Summoner Mx Speed.
  10. I am using a basic cherry mx red keyboard and want to upgrade to rgb bling. So I was looking at some budget rgb cherry keyboards and saw the mx speed switch. I am usually a casual gamer and sometimes need to do small projects on my pc. How much more different will the speed be as compared to red? I usually type harder like I bottom out a key to type instead of touch and go. Not too fond of blues because of clickyness.
  11. This is a ips monitor from benq with a lg panel and when watching movies i see some faint yellowish tint at corners. Is that ips glow or backlit bleed?
  12. Nope, I only have the offset. I will try with -0.085 tomorrow to see if its stable.
  13. Also does minusing offset lower or increase voltage?
  14. Thanks to all. Going to buy it tomorrow. He is okay with 2666. meanwhile i am trying to OC my 2400G lol