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  1. alright thanks for the feedback!
  2. im now moving towards that option. So to change the course of this thread (sorry lol) do you have an good suggestions for wireless IEMs i could use for casual music listening? preferably under $50
  3. Im looking for headphones that I can wear while I walk around campus and also use when gaming under $100. Bluetooth is a requirement, over ear is preferred, and they dont have to have any fancy features. Any suggestions?
  4. yea im in the same situation as you so thank you for the feedback!
  5. yeah this is probably going to be my gateway into IOS dev, also i have macbook in question on hand so i can actually do testing with it, i just wanted some recommendations
  6. If i have an iPhone and a Macbook and im using Xcode, can i push all experimental versions of the app im developing onto the actual device for testing, therefore eliminating the need for a emulator?
  7. I am looking to get a Macbook to do IOS and possibly MacOS development on with Xcode and other tools. Right now I have the option to get a Macbook Air 13 inch from 2017 for cheap. Would this be a good laptop for this purpose?
  8. is there a way to be able to dynamically add to the array like a vector?
  9. so i have this line of C++ code that I want to convert into java. How would i do that? Heres the code: vector<vector<short>> keyPos(9); keyPos[8].resize(8);
  10. Id probably end up on the 2700 just because of its value proposition. What motherboard would you recommend?
  11. So I have a current system with an 8350k, 16GB of RAM, Asrock Z370 Pro 4, and a Hyper 212 Evo as my main rig. I want to downsize to mini ITX before I go off to college, and am wondering if I should full platform switch over to AMD, or just buy a mini ITX Z390/Z370 and call it a day. If i kept with Intel I would probably upgrade to 9th gen later down the line. I mostly game but having streaming capabilities would be an added bonus. Any suggestions? Im also looking for good overclocking motherboard suggestions for either option
  12. Im looking to buy a mini ITX AM4 motherboard for the 2700 that I will be getting soon. Which one provides the best longevity and VRMs for a chip like the 2700? since its ITX I wont be overclocking much but having good overclocking support would be a plus
  13. yea its a Lenovo so idk how strict they are