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  1. Nuggz15

    Need help

    So my pc booted but im trying to scan my pc with avast and it just gets to like 26 percent and then finishes should i just reinstall windowa any ways or what ?
  2. Nuggz15

    Need help

    Yea i was thinking of downloading a version of windows on to a usb and then doin that but where would i get a good version of windows?
  3. Nuggz15

    Need help

    I have a ssd 500 gb and a 3tb hard drive but the problem is i dont have my usb for windows 10
  4. Nuggz15

    Need help

    I do but then it infinitely loads and then it restarts and infinitely loads again
  5. Nuggz15

    Need help

    I do but then it infinitely loads
  6. I need help my pc went black while playing arma and now i tried restarting it but all it does is go into automatic repair i cant do a reinstall because it says , "additional free space is needed on the drive where windows is installed. Free up some space and try again." But i cant because my pc wont boot up at all and i dont know how to delete files from here or anywhere else please help , i havent been able to find anything else like this on the internet, thank you