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  1. Already tried that, I even installed the "professional" driver from nvidia, assuming it would be more optimized to run at a sustained load.
  2. I am just not sure it is a thermal related issue, of course it is to some extend, but the card does not hit its temp limit, so why keeps it ramping up its fans for a few seconds?
  3. Yes, I did try to use another fan curve, and the temps get down a bit, but the fans are still ramping up... Also, I am not really sure I am comfortable getting the cooler off the €2500 card. I have not much to none experience doing so...
  4. Hello forum, I recently build my dad a new 3d rendering workstation, this included a Titan RTX, since he needs lots of VRAM and a 9900K. Over the past couple weeks, the Titan RTX has a weird isssue, while rendering, it ramps up its fans to the max for a few seconds, then goes back to normal again. I checked MSI afterburner, and it showed that the fan speed is 64% at all times, the temperature is quiet high, at 85 degrees celsius. So far I have tried multiple things to cool the thing down, including pointing a nocuta fan straight at it or removing air filtrers, nothing worked. Do you guys have any idea how I can solve this issue? Greetings, Thunderdoge