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  1. Possibly but people have been fixing similar issues by modifying parameters on nvidia panel or windows options so i assumed there may be a chance to find a general fix
  2. Tried that, still same problem :s
  3. it would be surprising since it's no mainstream issue, (also all other games are fine so less likely to be gpu's fault) i will try to DDU and hope for some improvement
  4. memory usage is below 50% i have 2 x 16gb ddr4 2400 and 2666 mhz
  5. This only happens in one game (Blacksquad) It starts at 200+ fps then slowly keeps dropping (over 30 minutes approximately) until it stabilises at 30-50 fps. only rebooting PC solves that, the same game will keep the same framerate if reopened and other games are not affected (200+ fps), CPU and GPU usage stays very low and temperatures cool. I already set windows power management profile to max performance and the power profile in nvidia control panel as well. and updated drivers Could it be a memory issue? it's weird because other games work flawlessly Any toughts about this? thanks CPU: I7 8700k GPU: RTX 2080 PSU: evga 750 G2
  6. Oh thank you, sorry for seeing this late. Some people claim it to have cleaned their sound outputs, might be worth trying
  7. Thanks, It's way overkill for my setup, although the idea is good and could work
  8. Hi, my Fiio E12 emits some background noise (kind of white noise) if used while being charged by a wall outlet powered charger but is dead silent when charged by a powerbank. thus leading me to think the Fiio is fine as long as the power is clean. Is there any way to clean up the power of a wall outlet connected Charger? (tried an anker usb hub and a phone charger with no results)
  9. Not the top performing ships that are OC ready but not bad (faulty) ones as far as i understand? Edit: the aorus also has an xtreme edition so they are fair there i guess
  10. Hi, i need to chose between these two models (Asus GeForce ROG Strix RTX 2080 8G vs Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2080 8GB) been reading that asus is a better go to option but is it the case for the non-OC models as well? thanks
  11. buying from amazon.fr, ended up getting an EVGA G2 750w due to the huge recommendation tendency, hope that will be a right choice, thanks everyone who helped!
  12. Every PSU seems to have its set of issue pointed out and gotta say its a maze. knowing i wont be able to RMA easily, what is the safest buy out of the G2 / RMx /Bequiet pure power 11 ?
  13. Yeah the G2 was my first choice until i stumbled onto that, surprises me that its not relevant, will reconsider that
  14. Im planning to upgrade to a gtx 1080 and eventually more so i need something futureproof Will consider that thanks, going for the RM750x i guess, read some not so attractive things about the EVGA G2 series