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  1. My iphone 6 will not be recognized by my computer. it says that the usb is not recognized and i have been trying to get it to unlock my password.
  2. Hard drive failed on me. That's what happened.
  3. Also I go to boot menu and I see this IBA GE slot 00CB v1376
  4. Ok. I have tried different hard drives and Sara ports and cables. It did boot before and I have not messed with the boot settings. Also I can't find where the boot settings in my config bios.
  5. Ok. When I try to start up my pc it says media test fail check cable. And the cable is pluged in and I have tried different sata cables and different hard drives. So I don't know what's wrong with it.
  6. I want to know I can replace a CPU on a compaq presario cq57 rt5390 laptop so i can get a better CPU on it.
  7. The power supply was bad and the GPU was just fine got it all working now thanks!
  8. Ok my pc specs -i5 2500 -intel DZ68DB motherboard -12gb ddr3 ram -rx 460 -wd wd10jpcx 1tb -hp ps-5301-08 hc power supply 300w wont show display and when turned on GPU fan goes on then off for a sec and goes back on. So if any one knows what to do pls tell me.